Playing with Lines

A wee while ago, I found my Kryolan cake 'liner and started to play. I was surprised by how amazingly well pigmented it is when applied with a bit of mixing medium! A thin, fine brush makes for a precise sharp line. Unfortunately, I have no sealant to mix it with to make it waterproof for daily wear - but I do have my eye on the Illamasqua sealing gel, so perhaps I could rectify that soon...

Slightly crazy, bold eyeliner is a fresh Autumn/ Winter trend this year and though I doubt I'd wear this out, I do like the idea of it. Plus, I love a good power brow - but I think this is more a 'world domination' 'brow! A bit too...intimidating for a wearable look, right?

Are you into big, bold 'liner?


  1. Wow, I love artistic looks. Your one looks soo flawless..beautiful x

  2. Wow you are awesome with an eye liner brush!

  3. Not necessarily world domination, just Cleopatra enough to bring powerful men to their knees.

  4. :O

    Gorgeous. I've been in lust with all the liner looks at the moment, the ones at Jeremy Scott were awesome. I don't think I could ever do this and pull it off!

  5. Oh, and while I think about it... My outer corners of my eyes always get a little watery, and I can't connect my liner there because it just runs. Reckon some sort of sealant would sort that out?

  6. Love the eye, I am not into bold eyeliner, but the way you used yours is fab :)

  7. Brilliant look! I actually use this same cake liner and the Illamasqua sealing gel...and the result is amazing and you only need half a drop.

  8. @ VampiressDoll, thank you!

    @ Elke, haha, thanks :)

    @ Susan, thanks! I wish I knew where I'd left that brush though...I can no longer find it :/

    @ Galenx, ha, maybe Cleopatra meets Debbie Harry?

    @ Robyn, pulling stuff off is all about attitude, if you act like you're pulling it off - you probably are! Yep, a sealing gel will help to make things more water resistant.

    @ MartianDelights, thank you :)

    @ nihrida, thanks!

    @ Glitterish Allsorta, haha, thanks!

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ Mercedes, oooh, that sounds promising. Kryolan and Illamasqua have the same manufacturer, so I was hoping they're work well together.

  9. I really like the lines! What's the shade on your lid?

  10. @ Jonna, thank you!

    @ Phyrra, thanks! I think it is either Heavenly Naturals 'Intrigue' or 'Virtue' over black pencil eyeliner.


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