My Hair History!

You name it, I've done it. My poor hair has gone through so much, that quite frankly, I'm surprised that it hasn't fallen out! Most of these pictures are damn AWFUL because I hadn't really gotten to grips with make-up and my style sense was...well...non-existant. Come and have a laugh at my expense...

[[ My natural hair, back combed a bit...when I was about 13/ 14 ]]

Pic heavy under the jump!

[[ About 13 - 14, long straightened, virgin hair (when I could be bothered with GHDs) ]]

[[ Dread fall numero uno ]]

[[ Dread fall two ]]

[[ 14 - 15, I got an A-line! I loved it, I miss it...]]

[[ 14/ 15, dyed the underneath purple and blue, never got a good pic though :/ ]]

[[ Age 14/ 15, my first and second dread kits, they weighed a TON ]]

[[ 14/ 15 bleached it out and dyed it BRIGHT red ]]

[[ Back to black, which I HATED, so added red dreads/ extensions ]]

[[ Bored of hair in general, I got it cut. SHORT. ]]

[[ Bored of red, blue/ purple/ silver dreads and extensions this time ]]

[[ Age 15 and sick of my unruly locks, I opted for a mohawk ]]

[[ Age 16, it seemed logical to go green... ]]

[[...fling in pink/ purple extensions and curl it...]]

[[ Dyed half black, half tropical green so I could flip it over depending on what colour I fancied ]]

[[ Layered my fringe and went fully black ]]

[[ Fancied going fully red again, but knew all the bleach would murder it :/ Dyed the underneath of my fringe so I could flip it over for full red goodness ]]

[[ NOW! Dyed it back to black and left it. Can't even remember when I last dyed it! ]]

If I could go back and say something to the 13 year old me, it would be this - don't give up on your hair! Just because it takes two hours (I'm not actually joking, it took two hours) to straighten, stays kinky at the top no matter what you do, feels like hell, frizzes into oblivion and is incapable of holding any half fashionable style is no reason to destroy it. I'd tell myself to look after it a bit better. Not to use glue to spike it up for mohawks, not to bleach it every time I got bored and not to refuse to go get it trimmed. I was pretty much just trying to ruin my hair because I hated it so much. SO much.

But you know what? I don't regret any of it! When else will I be able to dye it green and have dreads than when I'm a teen?! You only live once. Plus, IT'S ONLY HAIR! It will grow back :)


  1. I personally love the green somehow, but I like the style you currently have the most!

  2. I like the green as well. Perhaps it's the style, where it's messy in the back and clipped to the side.

  3. Love the dreads on you. And the cute bright red pigtails as well as the red glasses :-D

  4. I loved the dreads,, and you are right, we only live once and the hair surely grows back. You look great now!

  5. Wow, you really have done it all! I have to say though, my fave look is the short hair with fringe which you have now, really compliments your face shape :)
    And I agree about the whole dyeing hair during teen years, because I mean, that's the only time you can do it if you want to be taken seriously for jobs later on in life (cause some people who have sticks up their arses might stick their noses up at bright hair).

    I haven't been nearly as adventurous as you, but I started off with blonde highlights and looked like a freaking bumblebee. And then I think I dyed it pink purpleish but without the bleach so it was only that prominent in the sunlight, but it was a gorgeous colour :) But then as it faded it went orange/red/brownish so I dyed it black just to change and nows finally, it's back to my natural black. But it was in awful condition for quite some time which has sort of made me go off dyeing my hair for now.

  6. I love all the falls! Wish I was as adventurous as you, my current colour (I say current, had it like this for years) is as adventurous as I get

  7. WOAH. Your hairs been through a lot!
    I honestly love all the stages though, esp the ones with the dread falls. Also, I'd never seen someone dye half their hair to keep color options. So clever!

  8. Love those dreads, too bad my boy would kill me if I got those, even fakies, lol.


  9. The idea of flipping one's hair to the other side for a drastic change in color... so so cool. Loved seeing your hairstory! haha

  10. Wow love all your styles....Really your hair history is cool and interesting.

  11. This is the BEST hair history post i have seen!! I liked how you had black hair but dread extensions underneath at one point, looked v cool :)

  12. I honestly loved every picture in this post.

  13. I love these kind of posts! You have had an amazing, interesting hair history.. So different colours and hairstyles!! Love them x

  14. @ Snooze, thanks! I think folk are fond of the green because it's probably the least popular of the 'weird' colours!

    @ Rachel, thanks! I wish I could still do that style, my layers have grown out though :/

    @ IPaintMyWorld, thanks! I used to make and sell dreads. I still have a few kits, but never wear them :/ The glasses were from a fancy dress store :D

    @ Nats, thanks! My whole reasons for crazy styles was 'it's now or never!' The purpley tinted hair sounds nice, I think it compliments everyone. Maybe you could try vegetable dyes, like SFX? They actually make my hair feel better!

    @ Robyn, it's never too late for a little adventure :P Maybe start small like dying the bottom layer of your hair a fun colour.

    @ Widdlesh, yup, my hair probably hates me! Dreads are fun, but they get heavy and my scalp didn't appreciate it :/ I might re-do the green/ black flippy hair! So tempting.

    @ Cupcake, get a dread fall! That way you can just tie them in like extensions and your boy couldn't complain :P

    @ Danielle, thanks! It's very handy to be able to change your colour in 5 seconds haha.

    @ Rakshanda, glad you liked it :)

    @ Gemma, aw, thanks! I think it's a bit kookier than most peoples haha :P

    @ mytigerlily, thanks, I look so young in the early ones!

    @ Jonna, thank you! Glad you liked it! I'm sorta missing my bright colours now :'(

  15. Okey... Love the first two purple/red dread looks and I think you look great with bright red hair. And with red dreads you put in after you dyed your hair black. =D I also love the half black/half tropical green and half black/half red hair.

  16. I love hair history posts. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who did ever color under the sun and every hair cut possible during her teen years!

    The transformation from the first picture to the last was amazing, too. It's still you, but you can see how you refined your look as time passed.


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