Make Your Own Perfect Polish :)

After scouring the shelves of Boots and Superdrug for a perfect green and a perfect Autumnal purple-brown-gold, I gave up and opted to make my own! I bought two bottles of clear Superdrug MUA nail polish at £1 each for my experiments.

[[ Pre-shaking ]]

I've never made a polish colour before so my 'method' was a bit muddled. I just flung a heap of loose eyeshadows into a metal paint palette and kept mixing and tweaking until I got my desired shade. I then made a funnel (out of a Superdrug receipt - how very technical) and taped it to the bottle to stop it moving about. Then I scraped the eyeshadow mix in, screwed the lid on tight and shook it like crazy. First from the mixing storm...

[[ Look at all of that gold goodness! ]]
[[ Dries with multi-coloured shimmer! ]]

A true 'WHAT ARE YOU?!' shade. In the bottle it looks like a dirty deep brown-purple with golden shimmer. On the nails, we have a coppery-brown-purple with strong golden shimmer and multi-coloured glitter. In some lights it looks gunmetal grey, in some it looks almost lilac! I used three different duochromes in this, so when I turn my nails you see a pink-purple gleam. So pretty and unique! I know I'll be wearing this A LOT nearer Christmas!

[[ Reminds me of insect shells...]]

Deep, metallic green with green, gold and coppery glitter. Not quite dark enough to be my perfect green, I'd also prefer a jelly texture - but hey, it's nice enough! I might buy a turquoise duochrome to add to this, it's just too...simple for me at the moment. I also made the rookie mistake of adding lots of glitter, which just makes it grainy. Ah well!

Overall I'm really pleased with the outcome of these polishes, especially the first - the photographs do it NO justice to how complex it is. I don't have a clue as to the exact 'recipes' for these colours, but I'm sure you can create similar ones with just some purple, gold and green shades. You have to use quite a bit of pigment, both of these are three coaters. I've tagged brands I know went into these at the bottom.

This was so much fun, I'll certainly be making more! Anyone care to name these two colours?


  1. love these colours! the green one is beautiful! also loving your blog x x x

  2. ooooh I want to try this! Will have to buy a couple of bottles of clear polish. Great post! :) xxx

  3. If u have, put a metal ball in those - the pigment will go to bottom soon and u need to shake it back up before each use. Ball makes it easier :)

  4. Wow that's such a great idea. Why did I forget that MUA did clear polish for £1 haha? I'm definitely going to try this, I've got a tonne of pigments that need using up :D xx

  5. Are you actually joking!? That works? What a simple yet amazing idea, how come I've never heard of it before. You genius!
    I know what's on my agenda this weekend!! Lol!!

    Love J.

  6. i'm loving the brown gold nail polish! its sooo fall! you're sooo creative!

  7. I have been meaning to try this, but have never gotten around to it. I may have to get some unloved pigments out and have a go at it. That brown is so pretty!

  8. Not much for browns, but bee-yoo-ti-ful.



  9. Wow! Genius!!! Great way to recycle unwise eyeshadow choices!


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