Look What I Made!

NUTELLA CAAAKE. Yum! This was my first *successful* Nutella cake, since the last time I made one I hadn't checked how much Nutella we actually had...not much. Not much at all. About a teaspoon -_-

[[ Gorgeous! ]]

[[ Swirly pattern and cracked top - funky ]]

[[ Patterned mix! More fun than plain sponge :D ]]

Sooo delicious, the sponge is quite light and moist; gooey nutella makes the perfect topping! The cake dough swirled in with the Nutella doesn't cook properly, though, but it isn't exactly a problem for me. Also, my cake tin wasn't big enough for the recipe, hence the domed shape and sunken middle. Ah well, still tasted amazing! I'm going to make cupcakes with this mix next time, so I can bring a bunch into college :D

Anyone know any good baking blogs? I bake quite a bit in my spare time as I find it relaxing and the results are (usually) delicious. It would be nice to find some new stuff to try!

The recipe can be found here.


  1. omg I'm drooling! hate to be on a diet because I love nutella :( bet the cupcakes would look as delicious and cute :D

  2. I absolutely love baking as well, and that cake does look delish, Nutella is so yummy.


  3. NUTELLA CAKE! Oh my god, you just made my day/week/year/LIFE. Would you mind posting the recipe? It looks amazing!xx

  4. That cake looks sooo good! Never tried Nutella in a sponge.
    You will have to share the recipe now :-P

  5. I'm going to make the cupcakes ones.. NOW!

  6. omg, this looks delicious... ><

  7. that looks delicious!
    I grew up on Nutella! im gonna try this,thanks for the recipe XOXO

  8. Looks so yummy! mmm

  9. @ Roxanna, indulge a little! I wont tell if you wont ;]

    @ Cupcake, I could guess from your name you like baking :P Or at least the result of it haha. It's a tasty recipe, anyhoo!

    @ Dani, haha, the link to the recipe is at the end of the post :)

    @ Mercedes, Nutella in sponge = match made in Heaven :) The recipe link is at the end of the post.

    @ Snooze, let me know how it turns out!

    @ Lily Blue, aha, thanks...

    @ Cydonian, it tasted delicious too :P

    @ VenusInVirgo, no problem, try it out!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, you have to make one! So tasty!

    @ Susan, it was as good as it looked :)


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