'I Was Meant to be Out' FOTN

Well, I was supposed to be going out, but got bailed on. Again. On Friday, a football match was chosen over seeing me :/ Is it sad that I'm not even surprised? *Sigh* Whatever, rant over - because you know what - I looked fucking awesome!

EYES - UDPP, Yaby 'Shell', Yaby rose brown, UD 'Toasted', Yaby 'White', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, Kryolan white eye pencil, MUA Shade 4, mascara.

FACE - Collection 2000 mineral mousse foundation mixed with Sleek cream foundation, Kryolan cream foundation (as concealer), Sassy Minerals medium finishing powder, Ben Nye pink blush, Sassy Minerals 'Love Child' blush, Lancome highligher

LIPS - MUA Shade...well, it'll the the hottest pink on the stand! Barry M 52, Fyrinnae 'Shangri-La' lip lustre.

I forgot how fun it is to wear hot pink lips :) I was surprised they actually looked nice, because I'm one of those rare people who think bright lips + tan = MAJOR FAIL. There's a woman who used to live near by who was sun bed orange and would wear super hot pink lipstick every single day. To top it off, she had badly permed orangey-brown hair...I don't know what decade she was stuck in, but I'm glad I wasn't around to witness it.

What are your favourite products for bright lips?


  1. You look gorgeous!
    My all time favourite product for bright lips is an OCC Lip Tar in Pageant.


  2. You looked so pretty!!!
    I guess for me it's more of a hot coral so I would go for number 54 by Barry M.

  3. Sexeh look :)

    My fave hot lippie is Rimmel colour show off in Kiss Me, its kind of a reddish coral and its really bright!

  4. I like this a lot! My fave brights are probably OCC Anime, OCC Katricia, and MAC So Chaud :)

  5. Aww, he missed out. You looke great and that pink lip rocks!

  6. Love the lips! Reminds me a little bit of MAC Gladiola

  7. This is stunning! :)


  8. love this subtle look! so lovely!



  9. I love your opening sentences! haha. I got bailed out on that night for the footie too! You look gorgeous though! :) xx

  10. Your lips are soooo gorgeous, love this look :)

  11. gorgeous lip colour... wish I could pull this look off but I am just too darn pale :)

  12. @ Tanya, thank you! I'm still yet to try the OCC lip tars, but some have found their way onto my wish list for sure!

    @ Mercedes, oooh, I haven't seen 54...I shall have a spy tomorrow! Still to find a good coral for me :/

    @ Thanks! Reddish coral sounds wearable...I'll check it out :)

    @ Miss Tat, thanks, my OCC wish list is growing...

    @ Susan, aw, thank you! Haha :) Pink lips all the way!

    @ Sue, thanks! I think Gladiola was a bit deeper, but I never got a chance to swatch.

    @ Discombobulatedd, thank you!

    @ ChicChicChic, thanks! Easy to wipe off the pink and go neutral if I fancied, too :)

    @ Olivia, haha, damn England match! I wonder how many other girls got abandoned...Thank you!

    @ Cupcake, thanks, I'm eyebrow obsessed.

    @ Liloo, thanks, lovely!

    @ ChicGhost, pale ladies pull off bright lips SO well. Check out Katie Perry, Rose McGowen, Dita Von Teese etc :)


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