I FOUND IT! Barry M 'Berry Ice Cream'

When the Spring nail polish shades were released by Barry M, nothing really caught my eye. Pastels were everywhere and I was tiring of milky, washed out nails. I passed them by many times without even a glance. Everyone in blog land was going nuts for 'Berry Ice Cream' - a vivid pinky lilac creme polish - and many were scouring Superdrug and Boots for it with no luck. I'd seen this elusive shade in Superdug, swirling the bottle in my hand I wondered why this it was so popular and popped it back on the shelf. But then...

I couldn't stop thinking about it! There must be a reason for it's popularity, right? Maybe it had an amazing finish? A super duper formula? I joined the army of girls looking for 'Berry Ice Cream' and regretted putting the bottle back when I'd first seen it. Finally, last week I saw it in my local Superdrug (they have an MUA stand there, too now!) and like a fat kid with cake, grabbed it with my greedy hands and clung on to it for dear life.


Now I see what all the fuss is about! 'Berry Ice Cream' is pretty darn unique. Yes, it is pastel, but it's also very bright - a few steps from neon. In the bottle you see a milky, boring pastel purple, but on the nails the pink tones burst through and brighten up the entire polish. I love creme polishes; you could probably get away with only one coat of this with a steady hand. 'Berry Ice Cream' is a super wearable, girly shade neutral enough for school or work but bold enough for a night out - very versatile, a great addition to my collection!

Available from Boots and Superdrug for £2.95, keep your eye out for '3 for 2' offers!


  1. I have this polish and i LUUUVVVVV it.The only down side is my teenage daughter is always pinching it lol. xx

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is a bargain, must buy this. thank you. this reminds of king's road from nails inc, perfect !!

  3. I agree - it looks like nothing special in the bottle, but it looks great on you! May have to hunt this down...

  4. I don't know why I don't have this yet... I've put it back on the shelf, too, but I think it'd be nice marbled. I'll have to get it :)

  5. I hate that we don't have Barry M in the US :( I LOVE this color...so so pretty!

  6. @ Paula, haha, the troubles of teenagers...not that I ever nab any of my mums stuff *cough* Can't blame her though! :P

    @ Liloo, bargain indeed! Must buy if you spot it!

    @ BristolBeautyBlog, you DO have to hunt this down, there is no 'may' about it :P

    @ Robyn, haha, I actually thought when I was buying it, 'If nothing else, it'll look nice marbled.' You do indeed have to get it.

    @ WillWorkForMakeup, I think the Barry M site ships internationally :) Otherwise, try asos.com


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