Hot Chilli - 17 Lasting Fix Lippy

I bought this orange-red hybrid sometime late last year, swiped it on once, decided it wasn't red enough and confined it to the chaos that is my lip drawer. However, while exploring this said drawer, Hot Chilli came to light in its fresh, fun, sassy glory.

I love how it isn't quite a true red, the orange somehow makes it more wearable than a stark, in your face, Dita shade. Don't get me wrong, it's just as sexy and fun as red, just a little more...youthful and friendlier. I'm quite comfortable wearing it without winged eyeliner, which I'd probably never do with a true red (a little too McQueen Vs. McGrath, if you catch my drift).

17 Hot Chilli doesn't really looks so appealing in the tube - I'm not sure what made me pick it up, but I'm glad I did! It looks amazing topped with a grapefruit gloss. As for 'lasting fix', I can't really say. I rarely notice how long wearing lipstick is unless it's phenomenal (Barry M 52, I'm looking at you!) but Hot Chilli is so smooth and comfortable to wear, a little top up would hardly be a bother.

Available at Boots for  £3.49


  1. this red is just gorgeous :)

  2. it looks really beautiful on your skin! :)

  3. 17 is really turning up trumps with its lipsticks. I bought 4 of the mirror shine ones and may take a closer peek at some others now x

  4. This looks really nice


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