FOTD - To the Carnival...

I should be researching the golden ratio, perspectives and dadaism, but I find them all quite dull. As you may know, I'm currently doing an art and design foundation degree - so far we've spent three weeks drawing and not much else...Yesterday we drew plain boxes and pillars (with no shading allowed) from 9-30am to 4pm. As you can imagine, it was rather uninspiring! Next week we're doing textiles, then I think visual communications (looove) and then photography (love even mooore), so it's not all bad :)

ANYWAY. You're not in the least bit interested in my education, are you? No. So lets see what powders and liquids I've been putting on my face...

EYES - UDPP, Hi-Fi primer, MAC 'Melon' pigment, Darling Girl 'Kindle', Darling Girl 'Frolic', MUFE 92, Fyinnae 'Oberon', MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - Barbie concealer (I kid you not), Collection 2000 matte foundation, Sleek cream foundation, Rimmel powder, Darling Girl 'Carnival' blush.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' lipstick

Darling Girl 'Carnival' is such a funky, pigmented, blush and I'm liking it rather a lot. I didn't think I would at first, since it has a slight pink duochrome and sheen and I usually wear matte blush, but it really perked up my complexion. MAC 'Honeylove' - never ever going to stop buying this lipstick! 'Tis my favourite nude and I love it with warm looks.

Have you found a product you're surprised you like lately?


  1. Carnival looks amazing on you!

  2. I had to do a Dadaism project for my A-Level.... YAWN. I've been loving Fyrinnae Damn Paladins atm - I thought it was a bit 'meh' when I got it. I've worn it most days this week which is totally unusual for me.

  3. That's real pretty,great job XOXO

  4. I'm surprised at how much I'm suddenly loving UD's 24/7 liners... I used to hate that creamy/mushy texture, but for some reason they've grown on me (especially Rockstar).

    Also, this is an especially pretty FOTD! Melon is amazing paired with purples. :)

  5. The lipstick ties in nicely with the lid colour :) it's a very pretty nude on you.

  6. Loving this look as well as the one from the day before- colourful and complex, but all the colours blend into each other to create a magical airy fantasy effect.

    I would love to have a go at trying to recreate but there's too much going on for me to know how to do it. Would you mind breaking down where each colour goes? e.g. inner lid, crease, etc.

    Thank you very much!

  7. @ Susan, thanks! And thanks for creating it, too haha. It's lovely :)

    @ Robyn, I STILL have to write it up :S Ah well, it can wait! Strange how colours can grow on you, aint it?

    @ VenusInVirgo, thanks :)

    @ Danielle, 24/7 pencils are a bit hit and miss I think. So many people swear by them, but they're still a bit 'meh' to me. Orange/ gold + purples = instant win.

    @ SilhouetteScreams, thanks, it's one of my faves :)

    @ Galenx, here we go!
    Inner eye - Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird', duochrome orange
    Inner lid - MAC 'Melon' (peachy gold)
    Centre lid - Darling Girl 'Kindle' medium golden orange.
    Outer lid/ blended towards brow - Darling Girl 'Fondle' bright purpley pink
    Crease - MUFE 92, bright purple, overlaid with Fyrinnae 'Oberon', dark sparkley black
    Highlight - MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, golden frosty cream

    Then I just added eyeliner and mascara :)

  8. Thank you very much!


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