FOTD - Bright Purple Fishnets

Felt a bit dramatic and colourful - so what better to reach for than the infamous MUFE 92? I added some pink glitter for fun; I would have popped some falsies on, but the light was dying and I wasn't feeling brave enough for a blind falsie application!

[[ So bright! ]]

[[ Matches my zebra plug :D ]]

EYES - UDPP, MUFE 92, UD 'Fishnet', MAC 'Nylon', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, Avon glitter eyeliner, MAC pink glitter, Kryolan white pencil eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - GOSH primer, Kryolan cream foundation, Collection 2000 matte foundation, Sleek cream foundation, Rimmel powder, Topshop 'Neon Rose' blush, Ben Nye pink blush

LIPS - MAC 'Blankety' lipstick

Anyone have any tips for a good base to use with MUFE 92? UDPP doesn't help with how patchy it gets and  over a cream base it becomes next to impossible to blend. With mixing medium it loses its vibrancy :/ I'm willing to overlook patchiness for such a stunning colour, though!

(P.S) Sorry for primarily FOTDs lately, I've been busy with college work. Day off tomorrow and I have plenty of reviews to write up!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!
    Im stealin this look ^;^ XOXO

  2. Your eye looks are amazing. You've really inspired me to use more than my normal browns and nudes!

  3. I love the pink glitter on your lash line!

  4. Beautiful, I'm always a sucker for purples.



  5. Love it! It looks great with Fishnet.

  6. Love this look! You did such a great job. Of course I love zee glittah!

  7. The little pop of pink glitter is so pretty ^__^

  8. i love this look so much, you're super talented x

  9. @ Martian Delights, MUFE 92 is a must for any make-up lover!

    @ venusinvirgo, please do! Steal away! Glad you like it :)

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, aw, thank you! I feel like I've been in a neutral rut tbh...still loving simple browns haha :)

    @ Susan, thanks, I love Stargazer glitters! They're only 99p for about 6g of glitter.

    @ Sue, thanks, glad you like it!

    @ Roxanne, thanks! Beats plain old black!

    @ Cupcake, thanks, I'm a purple lover too.

    @ Robyn, thanks, I never really use's pretty though!

    @ Supergirl, thanks!

    @ Blix, thankyou! I always love your looks. I bought Aromaleigh 'Shake it Up' glitter because of one of your looks :)

    @ Phyrra, thanks!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, you can always rely on glitter to lift a look :D

    @ Tenille, aw, thank you very much :)


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