Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

This is the easiest way of using ANY eyeshadow on the waterline for a coloured eyeliner look. I started doing this after falling in love with an Urban Decay purple eye pencil, 'Lust', which unfortunately didn't love me so much :/ It would barely show up and disappear within fifteen minutes of application! I figured if I set it with a purple eyeshadow, the colour would be bolder and last longer - awesome :)
[[ Enigma 'Sunshine', Hi Fi 'Mind Manipulator', Yaby black, Fyrinnae 'Moon Child', Fyrinnae 'Sleeping Cutie' over Kryolan white eyeliner pencil ]]

1 - Apply your eyeliner to the waterline. I tend to use either white or the same colour as the eyeshadow I'm using.
2 - Take a small angle brush and dip it into whatever colour eyeshadow you wish your waterline to be, tap off any excess powder.
3 - Gently press the eyeshadow over the eyeliner.
4 - Bask in the wonder that is your funky coloured waterline!

If you use this method, you only really need one eyeliner pencil - white. I can't even remember when I last bought a coloured eye pencil! Now all of your eyeshadows have just doubled as eyeliner colours :) Cool, right?!

Just note that very grainy, glittery or dry eyeshadows WILL get into your eye and cause irritation :/ Not fun. Smooth finishes, like satins and metallics work the best.


  1. Great look! I love the blue on the waterline it is a gorgeous shade indeed! I've been doing this lately myself. It kinda stings a little bit at first but then it goes away. I did a look a couple days ago using MAC Beautiful Iris- MAC Hepcat e/s- MAC Sketch and then used MAC Clarity e/s on the waterline wetting my brush with Fix +. The shadow on my waterline lasted a really long time, I was excited. I really liked how it turned out. I might repeat it for a FOTD in my blog ;-)

  2. Now I just need to find a non-crappy white liner :D

  3. Seriously? I've never had trouble with the UD eyeliners.
    Thanks for the tip though, will defiantly use it wen I run out of bright eyeliners =]!!

    Love J.

  4. Looks pretty cool, I should really try this out, I almost never use anything on my waterline.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I've been using some different colored gel liners on my waterline, which looks fantastic to my surprise.. Anyways yeah this is a gorgeous EOTD <3 The pop of color on the waterline always makes a look stand out a little more :)

  6. I want to do this but I wear contacts and I'm scared I'll get pigment in them :(

  7. I too am a contact lense wearer and am slightly nervous about getting sore eyes.. but I might just risk it.

  8. @ Sue, oooh that sounds pretty (you know you've spent too long on Specktra when you can picture looks of product names!)

    @ Robyn, Kryolan all the way! I'm not sure how much they cost, but they're so long mine's lasted me about two years. Plus they're really creamy, long lasting and don't drag and :)

    @ Bon Vivant Clique, yup, they just barely show up on me :/ I know most people LOVE them though.

    @ Snooze, you should try it. I think a little something on the waterline really finishes off a look.

    @ mytigerlily, I need to get me some gel eyeliners! Thank you :)

    @ Jennifae, thank you!

    @ Heather, oooh, maybe try doing your waterline before popping in contacts? OR something which works almost as well is to dip your eyeliner into the pigment, tap off the excess and apply. The pigment and eyeliner sorta mix so there's less chance of anything getting into your eyes.

    @ ChicGhost, I hope it goes well for you if you try it!

  9. Awesome look! I love using colourful eyeliners.. :D x


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