Do Something Amazing - Give Blood

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I remember when I was a little kid thinking how cool it was that my Dad gave blood, seeing him come back from the blood centre with his little white plaster and wishing I could donate too. So as soon as I hit 17, I started giving blood! You never know who you could be helping - maybe they'll help you in the future, you never know! I think it's pretty damn awesome that one pint of my blood could make a difference to (or even help to save) somebody's life.

The process in the UK is pretty simple, just look up when and where your nearest blood donation session is and pop down. You can also usually book appointments, which I recommend if you don't fancy sitting waiting for ages! You fill out a quick form, go to a separate area for a quick test for anaemia (a little pin prick in the finger) and wait for a bed. A little needle will be popped just below the joint in your arm attached to a blood bag, once the bag is full it automatically closes off and the needle is removed. It takes about 10 minutes average to withdraw one pint of blood. You're then asked to apply pressure to the area to prevent bruising and a plaster is applied - easy!

Anyone in good health, between the ages of 17 - 65 can give blood if they weight at least 7st 12lb. You can donate every four months - my next appointment's way off in January! 

I think it's a real shame that only 4% of the adult English population give blood. That's absolutely nothing compared to the amount of patients who need it and the amount of people it could help. Do something amazing - give blood.


  1. I need to start giving blood again, I've not done it since I came back from living abroad. (In Canada, they don't let Brits give blood! :O)

  2. i've been lurking forever, but had to step out of the woodwork on this one, lol! my dad also gives blood on a regular basis, and i also have those memories of him coming home with the little bandaid, and the little plastic pins that you get here in the states when you give a certain amount over time. it's not hard in the US either, just contact the red cross, and they'll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about donating, and if you're type o neg, like me, a universal donar (sp?!), then they will ALWAYS let you know when it's time again and where to go, lol! i haven't been able to give in forever because of health issues, but this is definitely something i'm passionate about!! good post!

  3. I love giving blood! I'm really morbid like that, I love watching the bag fill up! And I've been hounded all year about how low stocks are, and how my rare blood is needed, but I couldnt give blood whilst I was a hosopital out patient, but Now I can again! Set up my appointment for next month. woot.

  4. @ Robyn, that's pretty strange...I wonder why when they test it anyway.

    @ lizS, welcome out of the woodwork haha :) Aw, that's so awesome you have o neg blood! Is it weird to be jealous of blood types? Haha. Over here o negs are ALWAYS being contacted to give blood in emergencies etc, I think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks!

    @ Methadone Pretty, haha, I love watching the bags, too (d'ya think we're a bit sick? Ah well). The little rocking shelf things the blood bags are on are so mesmerizing. Whey for getting better/ giving blood!


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