BFTE Mini Giveaway...

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Beauty From the Earth are giving away a free full size 'mineral' for the first 50 reviews they receive starting from....NOW!

The Rules!

** The review must be on YouTube or a blog. 

** It must be a NEW review!

** You must link to BFTE's site in the review.

** You must post a link to your review as a comment to this post.

** You must send us a note ( in the comments at checkout) with your next order and give us the link. We will compare them to the first 50 review links posted here.

You can find the BFTE Facebook page right here. I'm guessing a full sized 'mineral' is going to be an eyeshadow or blush of their choice...eitherway, it's free make-up (sorta, you still have to make a claim to the review in a new order - wtf?) So if you've been sitting on a BFTE review, you better post it now!


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