'Baggies are my Enemy' FOTD

Anyone else hate sample baggies from mineral make-up companies? I do. They instantly get forgotten. Out of the envelope, into my make-up bag and straight to the back of my mind. I'd rather pay a few extra dollars and have a nice, sturdy jar...anyone agree? In a bid to rid myself of a few baggies, I did an EOTD using some All Natural Face and Aromaleigh samples.

[[ How unimpressed/ gormless do I look?! ]]

[[ Please excuse mascara, had to use a crappy Kryolan one ]]

EYES - UDPP, TANF 'Just Peachy', Aromaleigh...can't remember (doesn't matter since they're closing anyhoo!), TANF 'Creme Brulee', TANF 'Deep Steel Blue', TANF 'Chocolate Brown', Prestige brown liquid eyeliner, Kryolan mascara, Kryolan pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Collection 2000 mineral mousse + Sleek cream foundation, Kryolan cream foundation, Rimmel powder, TANF 'Terracotta' blush, Lancome bronzer duo.

LIPS - TANF 'Plum Crazy' lip gloss.

(P.S) I started back at college this week, it's an art course so it's pretty involved! Pre-warning if I start to slip a bit on posting and replying!


  1. pretty!!! I did a similar like a month ago but using Urban decay and glamour doll :-) Have a good one!

  2. Love that blue under your lid, stands out beautifully!


  3. Really lovely look on you. I agree i cant stand those little bags x

  4. Hmm - I disagree. I think stuff in small jars is even sooner forgotten AND they take a lot of space. Just make a folder (baseball card holders, business card holders) and sort them there, colorwise - perfect for picks :) Baggies are also much more comfortable to travel with.

  5. Yes, the blue underneath is very very pretty! I may have to try that sometime :) thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I like the way you mixed the blue with a neutral shade on lids. Looks very pretty!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  7. I'm going to get one of those big pill organisers so I can store my sample baggies, then I might use them!

  8. Gah! I agree! I totally hate little baggies! There's absolutely NOTHING I can do with them! They're just too impractical. >:(

  9. On this subject, you need to read this post:


  10. @ Sue, I could probably dupe your look, then! Haha, I have some GDE but don't think much of it :/

    @ Cupcake, thanks! Might actually buy the blue full size, it's pretty :)

    @ Nicoletta, whey! A fellow baggie hater :D

    @ Liisk, really? I think my baggies just get forgotten because I have jars organised nicely over two drawers. I'd rather just use samples up than get an organiser for them.

    @ Dani, glad you liked it!

    @ Beauty Addict, thanks!

    @ Robyn, those little plastic boxes with seperated bits? Would that work?

    @ Widdlesh, agreed! I hate not being able to get a brush in them to pick up the product properly.

    @ Galenx, I actually commented on that post when she posted it :P I don't want to have to buy jars every time I get samples though, since I tend to get them (plus free ones) with every order I make.


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