Anyone need a UK CP?

Barry M, Beauty UK, Sleek etc? Whenever I post FOTDs using those brands folk from outside of the UK say they wish they could get them, too. I'm popping into town on...Monday to get some Barry M and thought I'd offer to pick things up for folk across the pond :) So if you're interested...

Tell me..
1) What you're after, how many, colours etc...
2) Your country

And I'll tell you how much the total including shipping would be. Only 'orders' paid BEFORE Monday will be honoured. Paypal only. Please include the name you post under in the comments section of the paypal payment. Please note that unfortunately I can not send nail polishes.

Thanks, guys!


  1. How sweet of you! XOXO

  2. omg, do I still have time? This is so nice of you to do! If you can find them, I'd love it if you could get for me:

    Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in #2 Toffee
    MUA eyeshadows in Shades 1, 4, and 13

    And I'm in the US. So now I wait for you to get back to me with the total before I can paypal you, right?


  3. @ WillWorkForMakeup, yep you still have time! The total for your items would be £7.25, plus £3 postage = £10.25 :) If you're still interested, you can paypal me at dysphoria.possessed[at]hotmail[dot]

    @ Liloo, replied!

  4. Just paypaled you! Thanks again!

  5. No problem, I'll email you the day I send your package. They usually arrive in the US in about two weeks tops :)

  6. Oh, and if any of the colors I want aren't available, feel free to choose different colors for me. I'm totally cool with that :)


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