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I'm always moaning about the lack of interesting nail brands in the UK and Superdrug have just answered my prayers! They are introducing a new line by Andrea Fulerton, a nail expert who has twice been voted British Nail Professional of the Year - impressive, huh? My top picks are...

Trio Colour Layering Systems - two polishes in one double ended bottle which can be used alone or layered for a third look. How awesome is that? For £7.99 you're pretty much getting three polishes - not bad at all.

Flip Flop French Nail Polish - two polishes in one double ended bottle with a fine, tapered brush for making painting the tip easier. Also includes 'petite sticker guide' to help achieve the perfect French tip shape. I love how they've used bright colours for these sets instead of the usual pink/ white combo. Again, pretty good for £7.99.

Stripe and Sparkle - again, a polish in one side, glitter in the other. The brushes on these are super fine so that you can paint patterns and designs on your nails, like nail art polishes. I can see nail junkies going mad for these! At £4.99 each, they actually cost less than one nail art polish usually does and you're getting two products - ace!

Nail Art Tattoos - how cool are these?! I hardly ever like nail art sticker/ tattoo designs (let's face it, they're either flowers, butterflies, tacky swirls or weird tribal patterns) but these are right up my street. I love lock and key designs and the skulls would be great for around Halloween. £1.99 a pack, which will probably last quite a while.

Other products in the line include base coats and topcoats, nail care items, styling tools, nail polish remover and peel off varnish (my inner child is excited).

Overall, this brand looks to have exciting and innovative products and designs at reasonable prices. The colours are all 'up to date', though I'm surprised no greige or grungy colours are in the line up.Available to buy online at the Superdrug site, should hopefully be in stores soon!

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  1. Will defo have a look at this although I'm a bit rubbish with my left hand when doing fine details so I might need some practice first. :-(


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