WHITE is the new black!

Did anybody else feel the horror when black nails became super trendy? I was mortified. The girls in school swapped their thick as Hell gels for filed short, natural, black nails. Middle aged women at the bus stop clutching plastic coffee cups with short, natural, black nails. Polished, tanned, beautiful models on posters with short, natural, black nails. My nails. MY NAILS, DAMN IT!

Well, to Hell with black. We are through, old friend. I just feel like you've cheated on the 'alternative' community who first embraced you. You've swapped metal for dance, beer for champagne and Doc Martens for high heels. It's over. I've found a new love.

[[ I STILL don't claim to have neat manis! ]]

That's right. Your arch nemesis. White. I've never had all white nails before, but I'm enjoying them. They look fresh but a bit....weird. Perfect! I think I'm gonna rock the white for Leeds festival :)

Did the black nail trend kill black's appeal for you? What do you think of white nails?


  1. I like it. I tried it once, and i think i didnt like it on me cos it was matte. yours are nice and glossy x

  2. I like it. It's very bold and fun

  3. This is going to seem random but in all the Korean television programs that I watch and in the K-Pop concerts a lot of the girls either have just their tips painted or full white nails. Thought you might want to know lol :P It looks awesome.

  4. I actually think they do look nice! x

  5. I prefer black or colourful nails.. I think white is boring :D x

  6. I definitely felt that horror, I haven't had black nails in years. Every time I'm considering painting my nails black again, I see someone still following the trend and get put off again. I think I might be too pale for white to look anything but strange, but it looks great on you.

  7. @ Liloo, I think matte white wouldlook like mannequin hands haha. Maybe on off-white would work on you? Mine is a bit cream.

    @ Sue, goes to show colourless nails can be flashy, too!

    @ Liloo, glad you liked it!

    @ The Student's Guide...Oooh! I didn't know that! I guess different cultures embrace different things. If I ever do these in future I'll remember that haha.

    @ Danielle, sorta surprising, isn't it?

    @ Jonna, I find black boring now :( Unless it's got glitter over it!

    @ Juliannelefay, maybe a happy medium at grey would work for you?

    @ funkymacgirl, the film? Haha, fair enough!

  8. Is white out not the American name for Tippex? :)

  9. @ Galenx, that would make so muchmore sense ahaha :)


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