Until Nfu-oh...

We UK ladies aren't fortunate enough to have brick and mortar stores which sell truly unique, striking, gorgeous polishes. Nfu-oh, China Glaze, OPI, ORLY...nowhere to be seen. American and Canadian ladies seem to have all the luck in that department! We don't even have the Claire's 'Mood' polishes over here! Lets face it, we pretty much just have the choice of what we can salvage in Boots and Superdrug. Occasionally, we can salvage something a bit special....

[[ Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, gold, bronze...]]

Robyn brought this polish to my attention in this awesome post and I knew GOSH 'Rainbow' had to be mine. £5 and a Superdrug trip later, it was :) 'Rainbow' has a clear base, packed with glitter flakies which shift between yellow-gold, warm orange, coppery red and a fresh spring green - very unique! I keep turning my hands to watch the colour change! In the bottle, the polish also shows blue and violet - but it's nowhere to be seen on the nails. It look awesome over a dark base. I think it would look pretty cool over navy blue, dark purple or drab grey.

[[ GOSH 'Rainbow' over Topshop 'Gypsy Night' ]]

Fast drying, packed with flashy glitter, fantastic formula, great brush, easy way to spark up a boring mani - it's won my heart! Has it won yours?


  1. Here in Portugal is worst :S
    We don't even have that one!

  2. I love this polish so much but man, I hate that we can't get Nfu-Oh! They have a purple one like this!

  3. That's SUCH a cool nail color!
    At least you UK ladies have great cosmetic sections at your drugstores! From what I've seen, it seems like you guys can get really good quality makeup from the store! Not quite so true over here. =/

  4. I have been to several Gosh counters and I can't find this one anywhere where I live... they only have the normal glitter one :(

  5. I love flakies! I've got Nfu Oh #38 (pretty much identical to Gosh Rainbow) and as far as I know there's nothing it doesn't improve/magical-ify. Try putting a matte top coat over it - pure awesomeness.

  6. this is so pretty!!! Unfortunately the stores in US (or at least where I am) doesn't offer any UK make up brands except for those that are in Sephora. :(


  7. i bought this one a few weeks ago and i loove it...it looks soo nice ontop of any colour

  8. Great post! I love your brands, GOSH, Essence and Catrice, they are my European favorites!

  9. @ Sue, love it!

    @ Apneatique, oh dear! I guess web stores come in handy for a lot of countries.

    @ Robyn, I knooow! they have an amazing blue-green one too. Love. Them.

    @ Widdlesh, yup, I think we have a lot of the same brands. The US and Canada get Wet 'n' Wild and Covergirl while we get Sleek and Beauty UK.

    @ Bristol Beauty Blog, definitely buy it if you see it!

    @ Danielle, soooo true! Matte top coat + flakies + dark base = amazing

    @ Lily, eee, I wish there was a store which carried all brands of make-up! From Sleek to Kryolan to Laura Mercier.

    @ xSafarE, it's great for sprucing up colours you hate, too haha :)

    @ Jonna, it definitely is!


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