Swatch Sunday! PURPLE POWER

I guess a logical follow up to my gold swatch post would be silver...but no. Purple makes perfect sense to me! Like gold, I think it's one of those colours that suits everyone. It's simple to find a purple which suits you - if you have cool toned skin opt for blue-purples, if you have warm toned skin, opt for red-purples! 'True' purples suit every skin tone.

[[ KRYOLAN - Purple Aquacolour, Lilac Grease Paint, Lilac Glitter Gel ]]

[[ MAC - French Violet, Violet, Deep Purple, Entremauve, Grape ]]

[[ URBAN DECAY - Mayhem, Ransom, Flash, Crash Liquid 'Liner, Lust Eyeliner ]]

[[ MUA Shade 13, 17 Twilight Tease Lipstick, Barry M 129 Lipstick ]]

[[ Fyrinnae 'Oberon', Fyrinnae 'Sluagh' ]]

[[ Heavenly Naturals 'Nymph', Sassy Minerals 'Psych' ]]

What pairs well with purple? Silver, gold, pink and blue are the easiest to pair with purple. I love contrasting colours like yellow, orange and red with it too!

My picks? Fyrinnae 'Oberon' looks AMAZING foiled, the picture does it no justice :( I  also think you can't go wrong with MUA Shade 13, especially at £1! Sassy Minerals 'Psych' is a grey-blue-purple with gold flecks - a complex, sophisticated shade that's great as a lid colour. MUFE 92 is a classic briiight purple must have, buuuut somehow I forgot to swatch mine -_-

What are your favourite purple make-up products?


  1. Loving this series of colour swatches!

    The gold one last week was really pretty, and I already had a couple of the Fyrinnae golds, so I've been giving them some love this week.

    I'm not a big purple fan, but I might have to pick up the MUA one you've swatched to fill the purple-shaped gap in my collection.

    Would *LOVE* to see pink swatches next - I'm completely obsessed with pink eyeshadows right now!


  2. Heavenly Naturals 'Diva' is just gorgeous!

    Also, "Mournings Whimsey" and "Poison Utopia" by Aromaleigh are amazinggg!

  3. What did you use as a base on these swatches? They look so amazing! I own a few samples from sassy and I just can't get the colors to stick or look as vibrant as I wanted :/

  4. Awesome. I love purple eyeshadows :) x

  5. @ Elke, I'll have to find it swatched online :)

    @ galenx, you neeeed the MUA shade - it might just convert you into a purple lover! I'll do pinks next, but I think I only have a couple of eyeshadows :S

    @ unleash_the_bats, Diva has a bit of a following, doesn't it? I do like HN so I'll pick it up when I next order! I wish Aromaleigh was still open :(

    @ Millie, I mixed the colours with mixing medium to get a stronger pay off. If you use the search bar to the left you can find a post on it :)

    @ Jonna, they're my faves :D

  6. I love purple everything so of course I love this post!! :) I have the MAC Violet pigment which I use quite frequently. Your swatches are always so solid, I like it!

  7. Mmmm...I love purple! Thanks for the swatches!


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