Swatch Sunday - PINK PASSION!

As requested by galenx, I'm showing my pinks today! Pink can be a pretty awkward colour for a lot of people, if you have dark or warm skin, try a coral pink, peachy pink or golden pink. Fairer, cooler ladies tend to suit blue pinks, violet pinks and silver pinks. I love super hot, bright pink lips on anybody!
[[ Benefit 'High Beam', Fyrinnae 'Enrapture', TopShop 'Neon Rose', Kryolan 'Frambrosia', Ben Nye 'Fuchsia']]

[[ MAC 'Milan Mode' and 'Bombshell', Barry M 145, 144 and 52, MUA 'Shade 3', Fyrinnae 'Shangri-La', 17 Ultimate Volume gloss in 'Star Girl' ]]

[[ Urban Decay 'Scratch', Estee Lauder 'Pale Moon', MAC pigments in 'Rose', 'Helium' and 'Kitchmas' ]]

[[ Sleek Original Palette pink, Red Earth shimmer powder, No.7 'Tender', Ruby & Millie baked pink, MUA 'Shade 16' ]]

[[ Heavenly Naturals 'Just a Girl', Fyrinnae 'Magenta Gauntlets', MAD Minerals 'Camisole' and 'Whisper Opal' ]]

I'm really surprised that I own so many pink eyeshadows 0_o When did that happen? Oh God. I'm such a hoarder I never even noticed. For those wondering how I've swatched these, I swiped foundation up my arm and mixed the pigments with mixing medium to achieve maximum intensity.

What pairs well with pink? Gold, silver, purple and blue. I also love contrasting pink with lime green and yellow!

My picks? MAC 'Helium' - I looove this pigment! It's incredible. It's also pretty rare, so grab up samples when you can. I also think TopShop's 'Neon Rose' cream blush is one NOT to be missed - the colour is an amazing 'not quite pink but not really coral' shade which would suit everyone, not only that, but the formula is immense. If you fancy a new lip colour, look no further than Fyrinnae's 'Shangri-La', it's a beautiful purple-pink hybrid that looks top layered over pink lippies.

What are your fave pinks? Is it a hard colour for you to wear?


  1. I did used to find them quite hard to wear but I've realised that despite being pretty pale I'm not quite as cool-toned as I thought, so I can get away with a fair few pinks. I really do need to check out those topshop blushes!

  2. Thank you very much for swatching your pinks - I LOVE pink eyeshadow!

    I don't think I have any of these, so plenty for me to lemming and pick up. Heavenly Naturals 'Just a Girl' looks particularly amazing.

    The TopShop 'Neon Rose' blush looks lovely and more coral-toned in the middle of all those bright pinks. I may have to pick one up at some point.

    Also, loving the look of Barry M 145 lipstick - I have 146 and it's a slightly tamer version of 52. The lip lustre in 'Shangri-La' looks lovely too, but I've not tried any of them yet, and was considering Lace Gloves as a safer option for my first attempt.

  3. great swatch pics :)
    I loove pink lips and cheeks but I just don't really love them on my eyes as much as I've tried :P

  4. I love pinks and golds or grays. I don't care if they look silly on me haha.

  5. I love pinks! Nice swatches :) x

  6. @ Robyn, you need to post a pink eyeshadow look and give me some inspiration! The Topshop blushes are incredible, I prefer them to MAC's.

    @ Galenx, you're most welcome! HN 'Just a Girl' is pretty, a lot of indie companies do some beautiful pinks.

    I think 'Neon Rose' shows a bit differently on everyone, on my warm tan skin it's quite coral, but I've seen cool pale skinned ladies swatch it as being more pink - either way, it's beautiful!

    145 and 144 are very nearly identical, so if one's sold out just go for the other haha. 'Shangri-La'is AMAZING. It's actually my fave lip product. 'Lace Gloves' is lovely, too, though :)

    @ Miss Tat, same! I think pink eyes are hard to get away with.

    @ Cupcake, haha, so long as you love wearing it, it doesn't matter how it looks!

    @ Jonna, glas you liked them!


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