Spectrum Sunday? Golden Glam

Gold always sneaks onto make-up counters during Autumn/ Winter and I'm a total sucker for anything described as having gold in it. I think it just makes everything more wearable and 10x more striking. Gold works with everything, it's easy to play up or tone down, you can use it as a highlight colour, it suits all skintones and makes all eye colours POP. What more could you want?!

I figured I'd swatch my golds for you, I was surprised I only have five mineral/ indie gold eyeshadows! Probably because of that voice in my head saying, 'You don't NEED another gold!' But as we all know, need and want are two very different things...

[[ Heavenly Naturals 'Fairy Wings', MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, MAC 'Melon' pigment, Fyrinnae 'Rapunzel had Extensions', Fyrinnae 'Polar Bear', Fyrinnae 'Shrouded in Gold', MAC 'Old Gold', Aromaleigh 'Blast', Urban Decay 'Honey', MAC 'Old Gold' over black, Kryolan gold aquacolor, MAC 'Instant Gold' lustreglass ]]

What colours work with gold? In all honesty - all of them. I think deep purples, rich oranges, turquoise and navy look particularly striking.

Where does gold look best? Eyes, as highlighter along the cheekbones and a sheer gold gloss looks pretty on the lips.

My picks? Fyrinnae 'Polar Bear' and 'Rapunzel had Extensions' as sheer washes,  Fyrinnae 'Shrouded in Gold' as a bold, block gold and Heavenly Naturals 'Fairy Wings' for highlighting. 

Are you a fellow gold lover? What's your favourite golden product?


  1. I love MAC's Vanilla Pigment - but I really want to try Fyrinnae's "Rapunzel had Extensions".

  2. so many beautiful colors! great post

  3. You have a gorgeous collection of golds! Love the tiling effect :-)

  4. @ Kate, 'Vanilla' is a classic for a reason! So gorgeous. 'Rapunzel had Extensions' is easily one of Fyrinnae's best shades.

    @ Andee Layne, glad you liked it!

    @ Mercedes, love gold far too much :P

  5. I really want fairy wings now!! what a delicious swatch eeeeek<3


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