Sparkle-tastic & Holographic

I've fallen in love with two nail blogs recently, Nails By Rachel and Cynful Nails. Both create some crazy, Japanese fashion style nails complete with acrylic roses, cats and gems. They're amazingly creative and must be very patient in doing their nails! Anyway, this design was sorta pulled from them, it's nothing nearly as astounding as theirs, but hey - it's a start!

[[ Bling bling....BLIIIING! ]]

Natural Collection 'Strawberry Fields'
GOSH 'Holographic'
Stargazer holographic glitter
Random nail gems
Random clear top coat

Unfortunately, they didn't last very long :/ The gems started pinging off everywhere and the holographic polish chips as soon as you look at it, 'Don't look at me! I'm too shiny for you peasants!'...yeah, that's exactly what it was thinking.


  1. Sorry to hear it chipped, but its a very cute manicure :)

  2. Very pretty mani, too bad it didn't last long! x

  3. these are so cute!!!! Having those super long japanese style nails means you have to sacrifice half the things you do hahaha~

  4. Lush mani! I must get me a holo, I don't have one.

  5. @ Jackie S, I just need to find an awesome topcoat I think. Thanks!

    @ Jonna, thanks, I wish it had lasted longer!

    @ Robyn, holos are gorgeous! I don't recommend the GOSH one though - weird formula, streaky if you don't use 4 coats and you can't layer it (doesn't dry over other varnishes) :/

  6. Wow! I love holos! I just got the China Glaze OMG collection from eBay, and this post makes me want to play. =D


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