Smokey or just flamin' HOT?!

Smokey eyes = love of my life. If this look was a man I'd stalk marry them. Paired with a nude lip, you have a make-up match made in Heaven. I love how you can wear them subtle and light or bold and dark, black or colour, shimmery or matte....The choice is yours....

[[ Sorry - I can't remember what the heck I used. I'm thinking Yaby black, MAC 'Platinum' and Stargazer holographic glitter are thrown in the mix though. ]]

I never usually go this heavy since I only tend to wear dark smokey eyes for nights out and NO WAY would I be able to get that off my face half drunk and clutching at baby wipes at 4am sat on a friend's bedroom floor - it just wouldn't happen. I do love the drama of this, though! Switching the usual cream highlight colour for a silver really amps it up and gives a modern, unique edge. I think the holographic glitter adds a girly, fun twist to what otherwise would be quite a vampy eye.

How do you wear a smokey eye? Black or colour? Nude or bold lips?


  1. Love it, it's soooo dramatic, defenitly my kind of look :)

  2. oh wow! you did an amazing job! I prefer nude lips with smokey eyes!

  3. I love the holo thrown in, really perfects it.

  4. it's a beautiful look :) I like color smokey eyes, I can't live without colors. I rarely just wear one color on my eyes :)


  5. That pop of glitter makes this sooo gorgeous! Awesome job :)

  6. Looking awesome. I mostly wear a smokey on my bold days, but never this dramatic ;p

    Btw, I tagged you!

  7. I mostly just do coloured smokeys because black just looks wayy too dramatic on me, it just doesn't suit me at all.
    And usually, I'll do a subtle brown smokey, I stay boring haha

  8. Gorgeous, so dramatic! I love smokey eyes.

    I wear smokey eyes sometimes colourful, sometimes black. Never this dramatic though yet.. x

  9. @ Liloo, drama is always the most fun :P

    @ Sue, thanks, lovely!

    @ Andee Layne, same! Nude lip love.

    @ l0verlada, glitter makes everything a bit more fun. I need to get more use out of that holo...

    @ Lily, colour is always fun. I think I'm edging more to dark colours these days.

    @ unleah_the_bats, thanks!

    @ Snooze, thanks! I shall do a big tag post soon :)

    @ Nats, you can get bold with brown, too! Just go super dark and throw on some find gold glitter to spark it up a bit :)

    @ Jonna, thanks! Always good to have variety!


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