Retro 80's Body Shop Lotion!

I came across this vintage/ retro bottle of Body Shop 'Dewberry 5-Oils Lotion' today! It's about 20 years old and still actually had the lotion in it! I wasn't brave enough to open it though :P My Mum handed it to me to throw away, but I had to snap a few pics first - I know there are a few Body Shop lovers out there who might find this interesting!

Click the jump for pics and info :)

"A silky moisturising lotion containing a unique blend of five vegetable oils: calendula, apricot, kernal, coconut, camelia and almond oils, with added natural moisturising factor (NMF). This light but richly emollient lotion compliments the skins protective liquid layer which helps to preserve the natural moisture balance and softeness of the skin. Fragranced with dewberry."

Bizarrely, there were no ingredients listed. I also though it strange that despite this being called 'Dewberry 5-Oils Lotion' - it's only dewberry scented. Strange, huh?

        [[ Image source - The Body Shop website ]]                                  [[ Original packaging ]]

This is the modern packaging for Dewberry Lotion, how very different! Apparently it originally launched in 1988. Looking at the ingredient list on the Body Shop site, even this only contains dewberry as an additive - and not much of it. Hmmm. Strange indeed.

Have you unearthed any old cosmetics before?


  1. Oh my word!! That's truely a relic! lol I remember that old green packaging! :)

    I did a post recently on some of the ancient things I found when having a clear out! The oldest thing I had was an Avon 'spectrum' eyeshadow from the 80's! It's amazing what you find when you have a good ole root round in the back of your cupboards! :)

  2. That packaging is so familiar to me - really takes me back to the 'old skool' Body Shop - I much prefer the old packaging! I always hated that dewberry smell though! x

  3. Wow, it does look old :) Haha my mum has this basket of old makeup that she never uses and oh my god, the smell of some of the stuff, especially mascaras, they smell so off!
    I would think that most of her stuff is from the 90s, my parents didn't move to Luxembourg until 1992 and I doubt my mum would have taken old makeup with her :P

  4. I had a huge lot of makeup from the early 90's I just tossed. The oldest thing I had was a weird makeup roll thing from Avon from the late 80's. It had eyeshadow, blush and a spot for brushes and it rolled into a little rectangle compact. The sad part is I absolutely loved the blush colors and I can't find anything similar!

  5. sorry to post again, but this inspired me to go through my mum's stuff in detail and I found a few interesting things so I made a blog spot about them, swatching some as well, in case you're interested :)

  6. @ Ms Wedgie, I feel quite bad for it! 20 years sat in the back of a cupboard instead of gracing somebody's eyes haha.

    @ Bristol Beauty Blog, I don't think much has changed besides the cap and the label...I quite like the new label! I never use TBS stuff, though.

    @ Nats, haha I read your post - mascara that smells like petrol, EW! That lipstick tube was so pretty, though :)

    @ l0verlada, try mineral companies - Silk Naturals have lots of shades, or maybe Sassy Minerals.

  7. Hmm... Calendula and camelia are flowers, aren't they? And the rest are fruits. But that still comes out to 6 different oils/ infused oils...

    Snottiness aside, this is interesting!


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