Rediscover your Old Make-up!

Often when we buy something new, we become a little obsessed with it. We include it in all sorts of looks and play with it endlessly...until we buy something else. The cycle continues until our older purchases become distant memories and sit unloved in the bottom of our make-up drawers. But those unloved products might hold some forgotten gems...

 I rearranged my eyeshadow drawers so that the oldest stuff (misc brands, Fyrinnae, Mad Minerals, Barry M, MAC samples) is at the front in the first drawer and the new stuff (MAC pigments, GDE, Heavenly Naturals, Sassy Minerals) is at the back of the second.I've put my glitters at the front of the second drawer, too, because I hardly ever use them. Perhaps with all my old stuff in plain view, I'll be more tempted to play with it!

[[ Crazy Fyrinnae shades and red, yellow and orange Barry M were my first eyeshadows! ]]

[[ Sample baggies from various brands ]]

I've only done this with my eyeshadows since I own more eyeshadows than any other product, although lippies are close behind! I've already found a bronze Mad Minerals colour I love, that Fyrinnae 'Slaugh' is super wearable, Fyrinnae 'Oberon' is stunning foiled and that GDE 'Monster Mash' glitter looks awesome over black grease paint. The perfect way to experiment with new looks and back away from my very 'go to' Yaby colours!

Do you neglect your older stuff? Do you stick to the same products? Have you rediscovered an old product lately?


  1. Wow you have lots of make up! My make up collection is still so small so I can't neglet any products..
    But this happens with clothes! I buy something new, love it for a while, then I buy something new and forget the old stuff.. I've challenged myself to learn to wear all my clothes again, in different ways too, not the same outfit for more than once :D x

  2. I do neglect my older stuff to a point, it seems like I develop a collection of products I just never touch and they get shunned away. I actually just went through it and placed it all back in with my current makeup and what I will never use into a bag to giveaway to my friends.

    And don't you find all those little pots a pain to store? I hate it!

  3. I know what you mean! Today I rediscovered 2 MAC shadows that are so pretty together. When I was ding my make up I was like why did I forgot about these two! lol I might post and FOTD if my battery charges before my little one wakes up.

  4. I usually put my everyday stuff in my traincase and the stuff in my makeup setup gets left behind quite often but I try to alternate my traincase when I can so I get use out of all of my makeup. x

  5. I think I have more colours I don't use, i.e., I have a lot of Barry M and I very rarely use some of them. I *try* and rotate my stuff otherwise what's the point?

  6. I recently rediscovered a bunch of pigments just sitting in a box behind all the other makeup stuff I had. With them, I made: 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipcolors and a few cream blushes!
    I liked them so much, I almost felt like I spent money (if you know what i mean) haha!

  7. @ Jonna, that's only two drawers! I have nine that size and three bigger ones :S Eee, it must be nice to have lots of clothes! I can never find things I really like :/

    @ Bristol Beauty Blog, thanks!

    @ l0verlada, I'm exactly the same. It's just so much easier to reach for fool proof products, isn't it? I love my little jars! I think baggies are a pain and palettes hog too much room.

    @ Sue, always fun to find 'new' old stuff haha :)

    @ Vampiressdoll, that seems a good idea...I have to lock all my stuff in a huge tool case so my sister can't get to it though :/

    @ Robyn, same, I never use my Barry M. I started using all neutrals for ages so half my stuff got neglected :(

    @ Widdlesh, I saw your post on your finished products! very pretty :D

  8. Wow, you reallu have LOTS of make up :D I think even these two drawers are a lot! My collection is still so small :(

    It's great to have lots of clothes, I just should learn to use them all.. hahah. I often find things I like, but when I buy them, I don't like them at home anymore.. x


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