Oceans of Wine...

Aqua and wine red/ plum is SUCH AN AWESOME colour combo and I rarely stumble upon people using it...I wonder why? Maybe I'm the only person who loves it? Either way, I whipped out my Urban Decay and Mixology and set to work...

[[ UD 'Shattered', Heavenly Naturals 'Fairy Wings', Mixology 'Whiner', Yaby white ]]

I wish I could have gotten the colours to photograph properly :/ Where the aqua and wine blended there was the most amazing, complex, beautiful colour! 'Shattered' is a light aqua shot through with gold and it photographed as a murky grey-green instead. Ho-hum. Maybe I'll make a video tutorial for this look at some point...perhaps a video camera would pick up the prettiness better...

Do you have any fave colour combos that you hardly ever see?


  1. Omg, I love that! I'd never have thought to do something like that. I have a great wine colour, I'll have to whip it out :D

  2. love the colour combo and the look is great :)

  3. It's such an unusual combination of colours but you designed a gorgeous look with them. Love it!

  4. Wow this looks almost exactly like what I'm wearing today, which is Urban Decay Lounge, blended out. It's a reddish brown with blue duochrome. This looks so gorgeous on you!

  5. Color combo is great! I love plums, and I super love your necklace ;-)

  6. @ Robyn, do it ASAP!

    @ Liloo, thanks!

    @ Mercedes, it makes me wonder what other bizarre but pretty combos aren't being used very often...

    @ Amy, oooh, I've never seen Lounge but it sounds gorgeous. Brown/ blue and brown/ green duochromes are my faves. Thanks!

    @ Sue, thanks! I think the necklace was from Topshop a couple years back.

  7. Awesome! Such an unusual colour combo :) x

  8. Wow! Such a pretty color combo! :)

  9. I love the combination of colours... it is so pretty! I must have a try on this look! Thanks for sharing!



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