My Night Out Essentials....

Blogger 'I Paint My World' is holding a fun contest right now - she wants to know the ins and outs of her readers style for nights out! I'm pretty vampire-esque in that I prefer night to day and my idea of a great time is dancing 'til I can barely stand, cider in hand, at one of this city's many fine rock establishments....

Outfit - Signature ripped tights, black tube skirt and a baggy top. I tend to buy mens tops and bundle up one side into the top of my skirt - so comfy! Sometimes I'll wear a bold colourful dress. Pop on some flat shoes (so I don't end up flat on my face) and a bundle of bracelets and I'm ready :)
Make-up - Depends on how I'm feeling...usually either BRIGHT IN YOUR FACE lips (though I'm sure bar staff don't appreciate my lip prints) or super dark smokey/ colourful eyes and nude lips. I rarely wear liquid eyeliner on nights out because I always end up in fits of laughter and cry it off!

Nails - Generally either super bright blue, bright purple or classic black. I always keep them short, force of habit left from playing guitar.

Hair - After having a mohawk I'm now growing out one of the shaven sides, so there isn't much hair wise I can do except curl the fringe up a bit, back-comb it or put some funky clips in :/

Bag/ what's in it? - Vintage black or burgundy mini bag with my purse, lip balm, lipstick, ID, donorcard (maybe one night I'll dance myself to death?), keys and phone. I usually have mints, but I left them on the kitchen table and they were eaten :/

Optional extras - A chicken burger from the nearest fast food place...purely to soak up the alcohol *cough*, gum for afterwards and a friend who is good at haggling taxi prices.

That's me ready! What about you? What are your night out essentials?


  1. Lovely post! A nice inside into your interesting world. :-)

  2. I really love your outfit, it looks great!


  3. The shimmery green eyeshadow looks great. Think I'll try and copy this on my next night out! x

  4. Gee, I love the way you do your makeup. It's certainly something you don't see that often!

  5. Just found your blog and definitly following now! I've gotta love a fellow chicken-burger fan..what is it about chicken burgers than make them so damn attractive at 3am?
    I love your style

  6. Love the green eyeshadow look its gorgeous on you. I just found your blog too xx

  7. I love the green eye look! Your very talented and I'm following your blog!

  8. @ Mercedes, thanks :)

    @ Glytten, thanks, I think I got a bit scissor happy with the skirt though :S Barely covers my butt. Ah well!

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, the green is actually a blue :P Digital Faerie by Fyrinnae.

    @ Frau Kirschvogel, 'cherry bird'? Is that how it translates? My German is rusty. Thanks, anyway!

    @ Alice Phan, thanks

    @ Methadone Pretty, haha, have you noticed how you always feel a bit wrong eating a chicken burger if you're NOT drunk, too? It's just too much of a drunken tradition!

    @ Nicoletta, thanks, I follow your blog too :)

    @ Lily, thanks! If you search gradient nails in youtube you'll find a few tutorials.

    @ Make Up Nonsense, thanks very much :D

  9. The Digital Faerie is looking rather green here... but yeah totally gorgeous. Fun post! Dude I LOVE the Kat von D liquid eyeliner b/c it never smudges even when I'm rubbing my eyes like a madwoman. I love your style man

  10. @ mytigerlily, yup, it always seems to photograph as an awesome green or a boring blue...of which it is neither! Kat von D stuff isn't available in the UK :/ Shame, because the palettes look lovely! Thanks! :)

  11. I don't think I've ever eaten a chicken burger sober tbh. I do, shamefully, eat fried chicken strips and wings from dodgy chicken joints the middle of the day, and then hate myself for days afterwards :/


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