Love thy 'brows!

I love eyebrows. I really do. So did Kevyn Aucoin, so at least I'm not alone! I love me some dramatic, groomed eyebrows! Nothing irritates me more make-up wise than seeing a really pretty, well blended and thought out look, paired with lazy 'brows. Why even bother spending the time to perfect your make-up when you've failed to shape your eyebrows or fill them in? All anyone will be looking at is your eyebrows. Those disappointments hovering above your eyes. Well cared for eyebrows lift an entire look and make it look 100x more polished and professional.

There is really no excuse for failing to shape or fill in your eyebrows. If you're scared of shaping them yourself, get a beautician to do it. In England it only costs about £5! Then all you have to do is pluck out the stragglers - easy! If you've over-plucked yours or they're just a tad sparse, buy an eyeshadow or 'brow powder' for a natural look and an angle brush to fill in the shape. Eyebrow pencils last longer than powders, but tend to look rather obvious. This will set you back about £8. I use an MUA eyeshadow (£1 at Superdrug) and a Ruby & Mille brush (£5 at Boots).
[[ Top = naked 'brows - Bottom = filled in 'brows ]]
As you can see, I've almost plucked mine into oblivion! I love having a super sharp arch and a long, thin 'tail'. As a rule of thumb when it comes to filling in your eyebrows, if you have dark hair go two shades lighter. If you have light hair, go two shades darker! I use a medium brown for black hair, medium auburn for red heads and ash brown for blondes.
[[ Natural eyebrows - Filled in eyebrows ]]
My entire look is fresher, more polished and flattering with filled in eyebrows. I think naked eyebrows are super ageing - look at how much older I look in the first pic! It's much more obvious 'in real life'. But think about it - have you ever seen an old lady with full, well shaped eyebrows naturally? No. Like the hair on our heads, our eyebrows thin with age, too.
So take the plunge! Try it out! It might take some getting used to, but you'll thank me for it! Honestly! Trust me, your eyebrows are definitely worth the effort :D


  1. thanks for sharing :)

    i love the way you fill your eyebrows, this shape looks great on you !!!


  2. I love to fill them in now. I do have to admit that I started doing so maybe three months ago. My brows are dark and thick so I did not do it. Now that I learn how to do it, I love how sharp the look.

  3. omg, thank you for this! Especially the bit about what colours to use, as my eyebrows are so black and my skin pale so iv'e been at a loss of what to do, as i'll look ridiculous with black filled in brows. I'll def. have to try it out with a medium brown, thanks so much :)
    (it'll make me look better on my blog as well cause my eyebrows, as you said, just ruin the whole look)

  4. I must admit that although I shape mine, I don't often bother filling them in. But, I did today, and my boyfriend actually commented that my brows were looking good! He never notices anything I do makeup wise, so that's a good indication of everything you say above - I'll have to start doing it more often! x

  5. Oh you have some lovely brows! I must admit i dont do anything with mine but its only because i dont know how to go about filling them in so thank you for the tips, im definatly going to give it a go as i can see from your pictures how much of a difference it makes!

  6. You are so right...I know I am guilty of the lazy brows, I have gotten better but it is true...the stragglers really stand out!

  7. I love the shape of your eyebrows :) x

  8. my biggest pet peeve is untamed brows...that and lint...haha love your blog :)

  9. @ Lily, thanks!

    @ Sue, thick brows often don't need to be filled in, just tamed :P I agree that it makes them look much sharper/ cleaner though!

    @ Nats, whey! Glad it was useful :)

    @ The Bristol Beauty Blog, always a good thing when your bf notices something make-up wise :P Glad you liked the results :)

    @ Gemma, thanks! Filling your 'brows is super easy, just follow the shape and direction of hair growth in little sweeps.

    @ Kate, tsk tsk :P

    @ Jonna, thanks! I've plucked them a bit short though :S

    @ Emma, haha, both are annoying! Thanks :)


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