A Little Recovery...

Hello! I just got back from Leeds Festival and I'm feeling ROUGH. I was so shocked to see how much thinner I looked once I got home. I thought it was probably just having not seen myself in a full length mirror for a while, I hadn't realised how thin I was in the first place...Unfortunately not, being on my feet walking/ dancing/ standing/ running about almost 24/7 for three days and consuming about 300 calories a day, I've lost 8lb. Grim. I HATE losing weight. Ah well, gives me an excuse to eat more bacon and cake than I usually do!

Eitherway, despite lack of sleep and proper food, I had an awesome time :) Definitely what I needed. Best bands hands down were Mumford & Sons, who sound exactly the same live (if not better) than they do recorded. They always give it their all and the crowd were fantastic! Weezer were wild. Yes, wild. I wouldn't have expected that, but Rivers was climbing all over the equipment, sitting on the fence above the crowd and diving about like nobody's business. He also donned a Lady Gaga wig and big black glasses and they did a Lady Gaga mash up - before opening the gate to behind the stage so all the crowd could get through! Frank Turner was as smooth and straight to the point as ever. Limp Bizkit put on an unbelievable show, everyone went NUTS. There was a 3000 + people mosh pit, the most lethal I've ever been in, I can't even begin to explain the carnage. Gold Heart Assembly were fantastic too, I was drawn to their tent just by their ability to harmonise with each other so beautifully and their interesting country/ folk style.

I'll be back with some 'proper' posts soon; I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Glad you had great time! Enjoy eating more bacon and cake ;D Heheh. I love losing weight just because of that, gives an excuse to eat more! x

  2. Glad you had a great trip :)

  3. @ Jonna, I most certainly am enjoying it :D I'm sure I've gained it back now haha (plus more!)

    @ Susan, thanks, I hope I can go again next year :)


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