Going on a Turtle Hunt...

Yesterday, somehow, a friend and I got onto the subject of turtles. He then decided he wants one after seeing this ridiculously cute/ funny video on Youtube...
[[ Aaaaaw....ahaha...poor thing...]]

Buuut he can't afford one anyway :/ They're £100 - £200! Mad. They can live for 100 years though, so I guess you get your moneys worth! Well, we're going off to find turtles later. In a reptile centre. YEAAAH REPTILES. I'm going to see if they'll let me play with the snakes. YEAAAH SNAKES :]

My FOTD is pretty boring today. Just a standard, everyday type look. I wish Fyrinnae 'Envy Me' photographed well, it's such a pretty soft brown-taupe with a green duochrome - not the flat boring brown it photographs as :/

 [[ The colours are so standard I'm not even going to list them. ]]

Right, off to hunt for turtles!


  1. I remember when I was in primary school we all got a turtle on the little goodbye/treats bag after one of my little friend's birthday. It was weird!
    We happily kept it and it mainly lived in the garden.

  2. You look so pretty!!

    Wow I didn't know turtles are so expensive. Though as you said, you probably get your moneys worth if they live so long. x

  3. I know a few with turtles, they're lovely but you have to make sure you always wash your hands after handling them like all reptiles as they are supposed to be big carriers of Salmonella. So I guess you can't kiss em like you'd do with with a doggie. :(

  4. You look very pretty and fresh ;-)

  5. @ Mercedes, you got ACTUAL turtles?! We just got lollies at primary school haha.

    @ Jonna, I guess it's because they're a bit specialist, like snakes and such.

    @ VampiressDoll, yeah, my friend had terrapins and always worried about salmonella. He couldn't really have a dog, though he'd definitely prefer one! Turtles are second best haha.

    @ Sue, thanks, lovely!

  6. I used to have turtles, 4 of them....but I was little and didn't know how to care for them so they died.... :(



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