Going for GREEN!

After indulging for far too long in blue, purple and black I figured I should introduce some greens in to my nail polish diet. Mint green caused a stir earlier this year, but pastels and greens generally disagree with my warm, yellowish skintone :/ I needed a richer alternative....

[[ I never claim to have neat manis! ]]
Browsing through Claire's one day, I spotted what look like a nice, deep, slightly teal green. I thought it could be the exact green I'd been looking for - something unique and wearable. I snatched it off the shelf, skipped to the till and parted with a mere £2. The excitement, however, was short lived. Around 4 coats to opacity and a drying time of about 5 hours isn't anything to shout about :/ I do keep trying with it though, as if the formula will magically improve over night. Time to accept defeat and try something else...

[[ Illamasqua 'Rampage' - dark jelly green ]]
Dark jelly green, you say? Congratulations, 'Rampage', you have made it on to my hit list! YOU WILL BE MINE. Though I confess, your £13 price tag and Trafford Centre lair leave you safe from my hands....for now.


  1. Have you got Barry Racing Green? It's awesome. I'm really lusting after Rampage as well but no way am I parting with thirteen squids for it :(

  2. Very pretty emerald color! Your nails look great!
    I tagged you in a post on my blog, ps. :))

  3. barry M do a nice one called 'spring green' which isnt as deep as rampage but its pretty dam hot i just havnt got round to wearing it yet :\

  4. I am so envious! Illamasqua is not easily found in Canada and I have seen some gorgeous swatches of Illamasqua colours...sigh

  5. Oh no... I hate when this happens whith me!

  6. @ Robyn, yup I have 'Racing Green' - it's not very green though, is it? Haha, I'd call it a petrol blue. I've got 'Emerald' and 'Spring Green' too :) I think the closest affordable deepish green I found were Models own 'Green Tea' and Collection 2000 'Ninja'

    @ Widdlesh, thanks! I'll do a big ol' tag post soon :)

    @ Sue, it is, just wish it had a better formula :/

    @ SafarE, I have 'Spring Green', it's A LOT brighter and more yellow than 'Rampage'...haven't found a way to wear it yet :(

    @ Kate, I think you can order off the site...Otherwise try asos.com, I'm sure they ship internationally :)

    @ Beauty Addict, 'tis a pain!


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