Ear Stretching - Pretty Plugs

I've been stretching my ears since I was around 13/ 14 (yeah, I was the token 'weird kid' in school) and ever since I've been a HUGE fan of stretched ears. They're my favourite mod after septum piercings. A couple years after I started mine, their popularity in the 'alternative scene' BOOMED and it's pretty common to see somebody rockin' some awesome plugs when you're out :) I say that it's lucky, because the demand for unique plugs grew...

[[ All but the scorpion plugs are polished stone ]]

Up there, you can see my most beautiful plugs. But you know what? I've worn none of them! My sister gave these to me once she stopped stretching her ears, the smallest is about 16mm - my ears are babies at 12mm and 9mm. Booo! It was hard enough reaching 12mm, I have tiny tiny tiny earlobes so I doubt they'll get past 16mm without ripping *le sigh* Ah well! I bet I can find some funky 12mm plugs on Etsy :D

[[ Shiiiiiiny! ]]

Love these! I wish I knew what stone they are. They look a really dark jade green until the light catches them and flashes of cobalt, sky blue and violet shine through. The effect is stunning!

[[ Creepy? ]]

I know I probably shouldn't, but I love these, too. Little scorpions in resin. I've always sorta liked dead, preserved animals, though. I think it stems back to a stuffed squirrel we had in primary school. I've always wanted a skull collection, too. Even when I was little. Weird, right? Yeah...

If you're interested in stretching your ears and have questions, feel free to ask! Also, if your ears are stretched, where do you get your plugs from?

If anyone wants to know, all of the plugs here were from various BME members and eBay :)


  1. i love this kind of body modification :)
    i don't have stretched ears and i've removed the piercings i had but i'm still a big fan of alternative stuff :)

    a friend of mine had a plug with a lot of glitters on it, it was just so cute!

    i love the ones made from "moonstone" on the first pic :)

    thanks for sharing !


  2. I used to have stretched ears but took them out. I only took mine up to 6mm so luckily they stretched pretty much back to normal now. I used to have a few other piercings too and loved getting body jewllery from http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com they have sooo many designs/diff metal etc now im sure you will find something you like :)

  3. Pretty ones! My husband started doing it I think a year ago. I kind of wanted to try but I do love wearing the normal kind of earrings and doing this is a big commitment so I didn't, so I enjoy looking at my husbands. Here in South Florida is very hard to find cool ones.

  4. I don't have stretched ears, but I love them!

    The scorpion plug is quite creepy! x

  5. I like that some people have the hollow ones so they can still use regular hanging earrings. Clever. XXX

  6. @ Lily, mods are a great addition to any body, I think :) Oooh, I like glitter plugs but they only ones I've seen around here are a bit pricey. The moonstone ones are my faves, too, they cast a gorgeous orangey reflection.

    @ Gemma, thanks for that link! I totally forgot about that site, I used to buy plugs off there years back. Their range has really grown though!

    @ Sue, it is a pain seeing gorgeous earrings you can't wear, like the big disc ones :/ I might try clipping the posts off a pair and attaching them to some cheap plugs, see if that would work. I'd have thought it would be easier to find pretty plugs in America!

    @ Jonna, you should try it *nudge nudge* haha :P Aw, the scorpions are sweet, really. May need to name them.

    @ Mercedes, the hollow ones are called tunnels, I prefer them to plugs but people always want to try and put their fingers/ pens/ cigarettes through them haha.

  7. I looove stretched ears but unfortunately for me my fiance hates it! And septum piercings which I really really love! I don't think I could do something he actually hated. Luckily for me there's plenty of little 'fake' plugs to keep me happy. Your nails look rad, btw

  8. I really love and appreciate this post! I have quite a few bod mod myself, my ears are 2g/6mm. It's nice to see someone finally go above and beyond just makeup alone in a blog! <3 xo

  9. @ Robyn, aw, that's a shame! Maybe he'd grow to love them? Possibly wishful thinking though! Thanks!

    @ Sonja, aw, thanks very much! I'll probably post again if I get some new plugs/ mods :)

  10. the first plug you dont know the name of is actually Labradorite, not moonstone.
    One of my favourite semi precious stones -

  11. Oh my god, you're brave. I haven't even pierced my ears, I'm too afraid to haha!

  12. @ Sakara, I think Lily was referring to the white ones in the first pic as moonstone (though after looking on the site, I'm not sure they're moonstone anyway!) Ah, thankyou! 'Labradorite' is so pretty.

    @ Nats, haha, stretching your ears doesn't actually hurt! A lot of people think it will, but if you're going at the right rate, it just feel like a little pull. Getting your ears pierced is just like a little sting, I've had mine done five times haha :P

  13. Hey! I have stretched ears, and I'm currently at 0 wanting to go to 00. I wear silicone eyelets most of the time, but lost my metal ones, so I'd have to buy another set AND bondage tape to stretch up I guess. I tried a couple months back with tapers, and they went in fine, but I had to remove them a few days later cuz my lobes got pretty messed up. It's been at least 2 months, and I want to start again, but since I lost my jewelry I'm kind of at a loss >:(
    How would you stretch your ears?

  14. Widdlesh, do you have any smaller jewellery that would fit? Let your ears get to a point where they're not sore, red, swollen or however they're messed up and pop in a plug which fits it perfectly. Wait about a month before stretching it anymore, else you could aggravate it some more. It's a temporary fix, but once after I lost a plug at a concert I popped a straw wrapped in cling film into my ear. I didn't have any sort of bad experience with that. Try to only stretch with plugs/ tunnels and not tapers.

  15. ok. looks like im gonna get a new pair of sturdy plugs and bondage tape.
    Thanks for the advice! :)


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