The Doctor's Daughter

Another image from portfolio today! You may already know that I'm in the Halloween spirit and what is more fitting that fake blood and bandages?! The bandaged lady is my friend, Lis - she loves fake blood and gore, so she was the ideal candidate for this shoot....
[[ Unfortunately I can't remember what make-up we used, it was mostly her own. ]]
The bandages were just a ripped painters cloth, but they worked really well! The blood was an experiment which sort of...failed. I'd read a heap of blood recipes using cornflour and figured I'd try it out - never again! The blood turned a pinkish red, thickened far too much and smelt foul. I don't think it photographed as well as my usual water/ coffee/ honey/ food dye combo, either. Ah well. You live and learn!
I think this was shot around November last year. It was bitterly cold, wet and our feet were buried snow, yet somehow Lis still looks perfectly calm in a dress with wet bandages wrapped around her head! I had two other friends in this shoot, one with a missing eye and one with bandaged, bloody arms. My Mum hadn't told me her friend was coming over and bringing her three year old daughter....needless to say, she wasn't impressed!


  1. Have you tried corn syrup? That is what I used to make fake blood (can't remember what else right now) and it worked out pretty well.

    She looks stunning in red lipstick (and blood lol)

  2. I used fake blood for a vampire shoot before and it smelled weird+super sticky, but it did the job :)

    this picture is gorgeous though!!! love the red lips :)


  3. I love the red lips lol...just adds a polished look to the bandages on her head.

  4. @ Loverlada, I don't think corn syrup is widely available in the UK. However, I usually use something with a syrup-like texture such as honey. Bold lips suit her well :)

    @ Lily, fake blood often smells gross :/ You can get flavoured blood though! Usually mint or strawberry which smell niiiice! Thanks :)

    @ Kate, red lips and 'liner are her usual weapons of choice :)

  5. we always used chocolate syrup and red dye to simulate blood... seems to work pretty well and tastes better than most fake blood lol... Love the pic though!

  6. I've heard the chocolate syrup trick but never tried it...I'll have to buy some and get gory haha. Thanks!


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