Dear Eyeko 'Rain Polish',

WHAT ARE YOU?! Are you a quirky, fun take on grey...or a sophisticated, mature take on blue? I really can't decide.
Well, whatever you are - I'm a fan.
It's rare to find either a light grey OR a light blue which doesn't make warm, yellow toned hands look corpse-like and creepy, and this shade actually perks mine up a bit. How very strange!
Don't dare fill up your tea caddy within 10 minutes of application though (how clearly English am I right now?) because, like me, you'll end up with dents and smudges :/ The formulation is similar to Barry M polishes, a happy medium between thick and thin. Opaque in two coats, like the vast majority of polishes.

Available from Eyeko's website for £3.50, free shipping within Europe (mine arrived in three days).


  1. I've been lemming this since it came out but I'm on a bit of a no-buy... I really want to break it to get this and some of those TANF blushes you posted about. Damn you!

  2. such a pretty color! i wish i lived in the uk ;(

  3. i just saw they ship free to uk AND EU, so i'm getting this one too, haa!

  4. I've read a lot of raves about this polish! It's really pretty :)


  5. That color is what I have been looking for in a light blue. So pretty!

  6. @ Robyn, haha, sorrrry! You NEED the TANF blushes though...need them...mmmm pretty blush...

    @ Snooze, oooh, I'll update the post then! Yey for free shipping!

    @ Lily, it is indeed pretty. Very unique, too!

    @ Jonna, yup, I can see this becoming a favourite.

    @ Kate, go and snap one up! It's lovely :)

  7. I have just purchased it! I love that colour! thanks for the recommendation


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