Dark 'n' Gothic

I'm super, ridiculously, extraordinarily excited for Halloween. Every year I love how skulls, pumpkins, bats and black nail polish don the shelves of practically every store. I wish I had a younger sibling I could take trick-or-treating! I guess this year I'll be embarrassing myself at a house party again, though...

[[ Clinique 'Vintage Red', Barry M black pencil eyeliner ]]

[[ Everyday face + dark lips = easy Halloween party look ]]

The last shoot I was an MUA for, the model wanted lips lined in black fading into red. They're actually very wearable if you have quite full lips, I was nicely surprised! I think I'm gonna rock 'em next time I go to town for cider and black, Slayer and a chicken burger (hey - I never claimed to be classy)...


  1. Cider and black, Slayer and chicken burger? Sounds like my ideal night. I love the faded lip look but since I was blessed with nil lip fullness I can't really pull it off.

  2. love it, this is gorgeous :)

  3. You did an amazing job with the liner - and depth on your lips! I am so pumped for Halloween too!

  4. Love it! I'm SO into the 3D lip this fall season. You did a great job! :)



  5. gorgeous! really loving this trend and wanted to do a post on this soon! thanks for sharing xoox

  6. @ Robyn, same, it's a winning combination! Maybe a black lip gloss over red would work for fine lipped ladies?

    @ Liloo, thanks!

    @ Kate, thanks! It's such an exciting time of year! Halloween and bonfire night so close together :)

    @ Hardcore Makeup Junkie, ditto! Thanks!

    @ Jonna, thanks, beaut'!

    @ Sue, thanks!

    @ Andee Layne, I'll keep a look out for your post (and hop over to your blog now to see if it's already there!)


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