Colours to make YOUR Eyes POP!

One of the most common questions I'm asked by clients and make-up lovers is, 'What colours will make my eyes stand out?' so here's a little theory and a big old list of colours to suit your eyes. I've also listed links to specific eye products perfect for your eye colour! Most are indie companies, purely because I support them :)

Using a colour which MATCHES your eyes will not help at all (green for green eyes etc) because there will be no contrast. Contrast draws the eye. So, the theory behind making any colour POP is to pair it with its complimentary colour. Complimentary colours are often called 'opposites', too, because if we look at the colour wheel, we'll find complimentary colours opposite each other. Look at the wheel and find blue's complimentary colour...

Orange! That's how easy it is. You don't have to use a straight up orange though, when looking for neutrals use anything with tones of your complimentary colour. For blue eyes, orange-browns, gold browns etc. Also, if your eyes are a cool tone, opt for warm colours and vice versa. So on that note, lets start with blue eyes...

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BLUE - Orange, yellow-orange, red-orange, gold, bronze, cream, orange-brown, golden brown, bronze brown.

GREEN - Red, red-violet, red-orange, bronze, warm gold, copper, red-brown, golden brown, bronze brown.

BROWN/ HAZEL - The rules twist a little for browns since a straight brown doesn't have a true complimentary colour.  If (like me) you have warm brown eyes, use cool colours such as violet, green and blue to bring out golden amber tones. If you have cool brown eyes, opt for warmer colours such as yellow, orange and red to bring out green tones. In general, rich jewel tones work perfectly.

GREY - The rules also twist for greys, since technically grey isn't a colour, it is a tone. In theory, there is no opposite colour to a true grey. Some say it is black or white, but that's the same as saying the opposite of purple is red or blue (when it's actually yellow). Still with me? Instead, we work with tones. The lighter your eyes, the darker the colours you can choose to make your grey eyes pop. The darker the grey, the lighter colours you can choose. Realistically, grey eyes are really just very pale or murky blue, so you can use the blue eyes theory, too.

PRODUCTS - True black, true white, (now look towards the blue eyed products....)

I think that about covers it! Have I missed anything? Let me know if you have any questions! And remember - just because theory says you 'shouldn't' wear blue for blue eyes, you go ahead 'n' rock it anyway if you want to!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! Very helpful :) x

  2. That's the most succinctly I've seen this put - I've never really thought about the fact there's not an 'opposite' to brown! Thanks :D

  3. ooh thanks for this! I did know about the whole contrasting colours but I never knew when to stop, as in like, would pink still work for blue? honestly I still love pink on my eyes even if it won't make them pop but yeah, thanks for the detailled bits, I'm bookmarking this! :D

  4. Hey great post! Very thorough and informative!

  5. @ Emmy, glad you found it helpful :)

    @ Jonna, you are most welcome!

    @ Robyn, thank you! I wasn't sure if I was rambling or not :P

    @ Nats, yep! If you used a coral-pink, it would have enough orange to make them pop. Or a hot pink, because of the contrast between hot and cool colours :) Pink Bronze and Rose pigments by MAC would also work well.

    @ Widdlesh, thanks!

  6. i loved this post, super useful, thank you :)


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