When it rains....

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it pours!

- First, I lost my charger for my camera with film mode, so now I have to rob my sister's camera for youtube videos.
- My camera for photos started having issues with focus, which is a PAIN when you can't tell until you put them on the computer.
- And then, the cherry on top - my laptop broke.

I don't use my laptop for editing/ uploading videos, so you might not think it's a problem. It is. I had SO MANY gorgeous inspo pics saved, new make-up sites saved and a four page word document of ideas for tutorials/ reviews/ themes/ things to teach folk about which I'd add to every week or so....Aaaand....there was no way of accessing them :(I needed a new hard drive!

Apparently this is a common problem with Dell Notebooks, shame, because other than that, they're awesome :)

Ah well, time to start gathering up those ideas again! This time I'll send them to the home computer....

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  1. Oh noes! I'm pretty sure all my technology is in cahoots... one goes south, and the rest always follow.


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