There are BARGAINS to be had...

I just ordered from, since Kristen is closing shop I figure it was now or never. You can get 35% off your order with the code 'ADIEU35' as you check out.

I never ordered before, but have been aware of Aromaleigh for at least 3 years! Criminal! Anyway, they have some really unique, pretty colours and samples are only $1 (though baggies only, no jars - boo!). I've also heard nothing but good things about the products themselves, despite the on-going drama....

So, if you have pennies burning a whole through your pocket, join me in checking out Aromaleigh!

AND! If that isn't enough, Hi-Fi are celebrating their 1 year anniversary! There are plenty of deals going on, and although I haven't properly reviewed them yet, I'll just say - DON'T MISS OUT! And definitely get the primer!


  1. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, thx for this info :)

  2. Too bad I don't have credit card or anything so I can't shop online. :( So can probably never try Aromaleigh products.. Have heard only good things about them. :s

  3. @ Liloo, definitely take advantage of the Hi-Fi deals!

    @ Jonna, maybe a relative could order them for you?

  4. I wish.. But mum doesn't have a credit card either and dad always has some reasons why he couldn't. :s


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