The Sun is Shining in Bad Habit Land!

Today has been a fabulous day for four very good reasons....

1 - First thing's first, I came down to the most amazing smell this morning. There was a new vanilla candle lit in the hall and it smells like cup cakes with whipped vanilla icing. I think I may have to buy an actual cup cake candle from Etsy....

2 - My Dad found a camping site with three pubs within walking distance. I know, I know, but hush - I like cider and I love my family so combine them and I'm set for a great weekend! Plus, my friend is coming with and apparently bringing his guitar.....I sense some Oasis renditions coming on. I can't wait to see how my Mum copes for two nights in a tent! She wants to bring an actual, full on mattress -_0

3 - Clinique has sent me their 3 step programme to trial for their ambassadors scheme. I'm really excited! No skincare products really have much of an effect on me, usually they just make my skin softer, so it should be interesting to see if Clinique can step up and make me praise them....

4 - Benefit contacted me to attend one of their 'auditions', which is basically a trial run on their counter and a bit of training about 'traffic stopping'. I hate that phrase. THEY'RE PEOPLE, NOT TRAFFIC - treat them as such!

What should I wear my make-up like for the Benefit audition? I actually only own 3 Benefit products - High Beam (which I'm not a fan of), an old gold eye pencil and 'Pistachio' eyeshadow, which I think was discontinued years ago! I have been craving the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit after trying Bo-ing a while back, but these days I'd rather £30 go on a night out instead!

Hmm...Maybe something bronzey and glowy? Then again, I think my shaven head stops me from carrying off the bronze goddess look very well....heck, those smokey browns are calling me again!

What are your thoughts on 'traffic stopping' (when sales assistants stop you to make you look at their brand/ products)? Do you hate it? Have you ever done it?


  1. For a Benefit audition I would probably try to do a neutral look w/ browns (like your smokey brown look) or pinup look - defined crease, winged liner, maybe a fun lip color. I really have to say I HATE the traffic stopping strategy that Benefit employs. It seems really intrusive and mostly ineffective - as a consumer I mostly feel I want to get away as quickly as possible! lol Good luck with your audition!

  2. the woman on my local Benefit counter is a complete pain in the ass she is actually pretty clueless...i hate it when you know exactly what you want and you dont want anything else and they still try sell you crap you dont need its a pretty annoying tactic

  3. @ Amy, thanks for your ideas! I'll probably go with the smokey brown eye/ nude lip. I've never actually been stopped by a Benefit assistant, but they do have a reputation for enthusiastic? Haha :)

    @ xsafare, oh dear, doesn't sound like good at all! I'd be more likely to ask folk if they needed help and leave it at that. Having things forced on you is never, ever fun.


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