Strip your lips

I love a good nude. Nude lip, that is! I've even been known to rock the blanked out, foundation lips from time to time (only EVER with super heavy eyes) and I feel no shame! I feel incomplete with a lip colour and nudes are always a winner.

A nude lip goes with EVERYTHING, so it's worth investing in a few nudey colours. As a 'rule', I'd say a pink-nude, tan-nude and a neutral nude. Pinks generally work well with cool eyes/ cheeks, tan works with warmer colours and a neutral 'Your lips but better' works with, well, everything! Trust me, you'll be reaching for these practically every day, so it's worth spending a few extra pennies on some really good quality ones...

L-R - MUA Shade 11, Clinique 'Nude Splurge', MAC 'Jubilee', MAC 'Honeylove', MAC 'Blankety', Barry M 101.

On the one end of the spectrum are the 'My lips but better' colours - Shade 11 practically matches my own natural lip colour, whereas 101 at the other end is super pale and very pink, not so natural at all! I generally use this to pale out the other colours. My fave in this bunch HAS to be MAC 'Jubilee', however, that and 'Blankety' both got destroyed by my sister -_- Destruction aside, they're both fantastic nudes. MAC has a huge range of nude colours, so bob in and have a play!

L-R - Natural Collection lip balm tube, Colour Works toffee, MAC 'Instant Gold' lustreglass, Fyrinnae 'Lace Gloves' lip lustre.

I'm not really a gloss girl, as you can probably tell, these have randomly appeared in my lip collection over time instead of being concious 'nude lip decisions'. The Natural Collection is actually a lip balm, but it's so thick and pigmented that it can be used as a gloss! I'm not even sure they sell these any more. Either way, my fave has to be 'Lace Gloves', the texture is perfect and it rubs down to a beautiful pink-peach-gold.

What do you think about nude lips? Are you a 'My lips but better' kinda person, or a blanked out lip kinda person? What's your favourite nude colour? Feed my nude lips addiction!


  1. Thx for those swatch :)
    I love nude lips, but I must admit that I'm a red lips lover :/
    My favorite nude colour is probably quiet please from MAC and creme d'nude from MAC.
    I love the Barry M one ;)
    Have a great week end xoxo

  2. Ooh! I love finding other makeup artist! especially when they know what they are talking about!
    New follower here! Hope you can check my blog out and return the favour!

  3. My lips are a quite pigmented pink naturally, so 'nude' lipstick just looks weird on me. Even pale pink lipgloss looks gross. I've yet to find a light colour that looks good on my lips anyway!

  4. Great post!
    I rarely wear anything on my lips, I prefer focusing on the eye make up. x

  5. @ Liloo, I love red lips too :) I think I've swatched all my reads on here before too haha.

    @ BeautybyPaula, thanks!

    @ Miss Krimson, thanks, stop by any time...

    @ Sena, they're good, but imo a bit over rated haha. Great nude lipsticks, though!

    @ Juliannelefay, try finding a match to your lips, but in a slightly lighter shade. That might work best for you :)

    @ Jonna, I feel incomplete without something on my lips! Ditto on focusing on the eyes, which is why I favour nude colours - they don't take any attention :)


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