Rainbows everywhere!

I decided to paint my nails rainbow colours and marble black over them....
The black dried fast on the water, so it creased over my nails and looks like I have insect wings stuck on them - which I think is pretty cool! Definitely in need of a new black though, the three I have are all glooptastic :/

Also, my Mum was helping her friend clear their attic, found these beauts....
and brought them home for me! I love them! Aha, I know, I know, I have pretty tragic taste in some areas - but aren't they fun!? If they had solid soles I'd wear them out aaaaall the time and have magical woollen rainbow feet and ride unicorns and....ok, more likely I'd just step in a puddle and have soaking feet, but don't crush my dreams!

(P.S) I'm going camping 'til Sunday, so I wont be blogging, but I will be befriending old people and drinking cider - which is almost as fun, right?


  1. I'm pretty jealous of those slippers! They are fantastic and I would totally wear them myself. As for the nails, they do look like insect wings! And all my blacks turn really goopy quick too :( or are too thin to konad/marble with.

  2. Have a great time huny ;)
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the sleepers XD and the nail as well ;)

  3. The nails look lovely!
    And those slippers are so cute :D x

  4. @ Loverlada, who wouldn't be jealous of those slippers? Haha :P Hmmm...maybe it's just a habit of black polishes then? I'm gonna get some Barry M Black, their formulas haven't let me down before.

    @ Liloo, thank you!

    @ Jonna, thanks! :D

  5. Pretty nails! Love the black marble over them.

    And those slippers.. They look so comfy! I love them.

  6. That's a fantastic trick what you did there with your nails! I'll be sure to try it.


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