My 'Time for' Make-up Kit

Once you leap into the big wide world of being a freelance make-up artist, building your experience and portfolio is the first and most important step. Doing 'time for' work is the best way you can do this, and once photographers, models, hair stylists etc know you're happy to work 'time for', the offers will come rolling in...But what exactly is 'time for'?

'Time for' work is offering your time and work and being 'paid' in either printed or digital images which you can add to your portfolio. No cash will exchange hands - just images! Don't sell yourself short, though! Ask that travel costs and the cost of extras (like false lashes) be covered.

Unfortunately, though, nicely edited images for your portfolio don't cover kit costs. And for this reason, you don't want to be whizzing through your £23 MAC Mineralize Foundations, £28 Estee Lauder Shimmer Powder or your £17 NARS lipsticks! Instead, opt for products which photograph well and wont leave your cash card crying for mercy when you need to replace them. They really aren't that hard to find!

Here's a look at the sort of things in my 'time for' kit...*Note* This actually WAS a kit for a 'time for' shoot I did yesterday! Colours etc were all picked specifically for the model/ theme.

Cleanser, toner and moisturiser for all skin types. Perfume and colour free so that they aren't likely to upset sensitive skin. You'll clearly need to pick up some cotton wool, too! Everything here was less than £2 each, and clients always comment on how nice they smell/ feel!

Latex free wedges, anti-bacterial hand foam, sharpener and tweezers. I think the priciest thing here was the hand foam at about £5.

Primer, foundation (try to get pics of models before the shoot to judge their skin tone/ shade), finely milled powder, blush and highlight. The priciest thing here was technically the Ben Nye colour palette at around £36, but for 8 well pigmented, huge blushes that's excellent value.

Eyeshadow palette of multiple colours, loose pigments, eye primer, eye pencils, liquid eyeliner, mascara. The priciest thing was the Yaby palette...though I can't remember how much. But you can't argue with being able to customise your palettes!

Lip palette of various neutral/ popular shades, lipsticks, gloss. I rarely use lip pencils. The priciest thing was the palette, at about £18.

Brushes - goes without saying, really!
Cotton wool and tissues
Baby wipes
A hair band/ bobbles/ clips
Disposable mascara wands
Business cards

Save your premium products for paying clients, but give every client the exact same, professional service! You never know who they could introduce you to and networking is everything. Plus, it's just basic manners....

Remember kids, you don't need pricey make-up to get great results - a steady hand, well trained eye and knowledge of products is worth far more than your kit could ever be!


  1. Great post.
    Do you use some/all of those products on yourself too or just clients?
    Same for the brushes too?

    Might seem like a stupid question but its something I have been wondering about :)


  2. @ Funkymacgirl, thanks, no problem!

    @ Tanya, not a stupid question at all! I use the pressed powder products on myself, but everything else is clients only. I use brushes for myself too, but they always get thoroughly cleaned between every new face they're being introduced to :)

  3. Thank you for your reply :)
    Just something I had been wondering about as I'm looking into starting freelance work when I have a bit more money to build a kit up. However I didn't want to have to buy a whole new set of brushes just yet.
    Thanks again x

  4. Great post :) I had never heard of 'time for'.. Nice to learn knew things, especially about make up and make up artists, as I'm very interested in them. :D I definitely agree, you don't need expensive products to get great results!

    May I ask, have you studied make up or have you just learned all on your own? x

  5. @ Tanya,no worries! When you buy your kit, remember that palettes are your BEST FRIEND. Seriously, they save so much space/ money. Especially concealer/ eyeshadow/ blush palettes.

    @ Jonna, I studied make-up for two years, but literally learnt nothing apart from prosthetics and air brushing :/ Honestly, it was a waste of time, but at least I got a qualification out of it!

  6. Oh.. Well it's good to have a qualification, probably it helps you to get a job or something!
    I'd love to study make up someday too, but all schools I've seen are so expensive and I couldn't ever afford them :/

  7. Thanks for sharing. Useful Post! Love your belief " Remember kids, you don't need pricey make-up to get great results - a steady hand, well trained eye and knowledge of products is worth far more than your kit could ever be!" <3

  8. YOu should try la femme shadows! Its a cheaper alternative to Ben Nye but they don't have a great color selection. you can get em at Now I want to try Ben Nye


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