More good news!

I got my official National Diploma Media Make-up certificate in the post today, containing distinctions in 14 areas (highest grade) and merits in three! So I'm very happy indeed! So what exactly am I now qualified industry wise? Lets see....

Performing arts production, performing arts business (though I'm already qualified in business anyway), the 'historical context of performance', performing arts production planning, production for theatre performance, working freelance in the performing arts industry, design method, stage costume making, make-up for performers, make-up design and application, full body make-up, special effects make-up, make-up using prosthetics, period make-up for stage, hair design for performance, period hair design and wig making (HARDEST THING EVER), hair styling and dressing for performers.

Pheeeew! Somewhere along the way I also got an LCFE in hair dressing and the equivalent to an A Level in English.

Would I recommend the course? Unless you're a make-up newbie or NEED the qualification - no. I can honestly say that in two years all I really learnt was airbrushing, prosthetics and hair dressing/ wig making. That may seem like plenty, but in all honesty - it isn't! A lot of people left the course completely clueless, not because they weren't commited, but because the course was poorly structured, poorly taught and did not have enough of what I would consider basic content for a make-up course. Never were we taught colour theory, what products work best for different skin types, photographic make-up was discussed for about five minutes (as well as bridal) and never were we taught about ingredients within cosmetics. Luckily, I'm pretty knowledgeable in these areas already, but really - it's so basic! Why was it not taught?

College was fun though, I LOVED some of the units, but if I could go back in time, I'd have done an art course instead and relied on what has taught me best make-up wise so far - other beauty addicts, a pile of books and most importantly - experience.


  1. Thx for sharing your experience :)
    I was thinking about doing a makeup class and some friends ( mua) told me that it was not necesary :/
    Do you think that it's possible to learn all the technics without school?

  2. Thanks for sharing your point of view. I am really interested in Theatre make up and I saw schools like Penny Delamar (Delamar academy) and Greasepaint but they are sooo expensive.
    I just been yesterday to the AOFM for an open day to see the beginners' course (you need a lot of things to jump right on the advanced one) and I'm still thinking about it. It's good to know what your experience was. Do you know of any school worth going? XXX

  3. Congrats! And thanks for sharing.. Sounds like other beauty addicts, books and experience are better teachers. And it's cheaper too :D x

  4. @ Liloo, I think it depends on how confident you are in your skills and with others in general. A course would definitely build your confidence in applying make-up, but you can pick up skills ad techniques without one. If you'd rather go it alone, get AS MUCH EXPERIENCE as you possibly can before you start charging/ advertising as an MUA.

    @ Coquette, thanks!

    @ Mercedes, I think a lot of schools will be worth the price. Often you're actually paying to learn from people who have been in the industry for years who can help you both in technique AND the business side of things very well. The course I was on was just quite poor, it doesn't reflect on all make-up courses! I think it would be best to talk to past students of the course you're interested, see if it has actually been of any use before taking the plunge.

    @ Jonna, thanks! Experience is key!

  5. Thx for your advices :)


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