Marbling Fail/ Success

First, the fail....

I only liked the little finger nail!

It looked like a Smurf had thrown up on my hands. I didn't even bother to clean up, just removed it ASAP! I was trying to get some use out of the yellow and green, because I NEVER use them. The yellow kept drying on the water within 20 seconds and came out really sheer :/ Perhaps I'll try again, but use a yellow as a base and just marble the blue and green over them....

Now, the success...

I used a gold base (Avon 'Gold foil') and marbled a petrol blue (Barry M 'Racing Green') and navy (Avon 'Classic Fit') over them. Barry M polishes take really well to marbling! I may well have to purchase some more....


  1. Both of these look great to me! I love the first one as well as the second. The first is more fun and funky while the second is pretty sophisticated, good work :)

  2. Lol at the smurf reference. I keep meaning to try water marbeling it just looks sooo messy though but i like the effect in the 2nd photo

  3. I've found some brands seem to work better for water marbling and I've actually had the easiest time with Avon although I still suck lol.

  4. The finished look is amazing so pretty!
    How did you do that?


  5. Wow that looks amazing!! I've never actually tried marbling before but I've seen it all over blogs recently. Def need a youtube tutorial lol.

  6. @ The Students Guide..., thanks, I think the second is more wearable but the first is more fun (even if it is ugly!)

    @ Gemma, just try it out! So long as you tape off your skin a few cotton wool buds and nail polish removed cleans up pretty well.

    @ LoverLada, which other brands have you found? I tried marbling a holo...didn't work too well haha.

    @ Emmy, thanks! I follow 'SimpleLittlePleasues' (their typo, not mine!) on youtube. She has looooads of amazing marbling tutorials :)

    @ SlowGlowBeauty, thanks! Check out 'SimpleLittlePleasues' on youtube for tutorials!

  7. Loool at the smurf reference :D the second one is gorgeous, you succeeded well!! x

  8. My second attempt looked something like this! Definitely down to the polishes I chose

    Yeah I found that Barry M's work well too :) xxx


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