Like daughter, like mother....

Yesterday my mother told me she's bought something from QVC, an OPI polish collection, nail treatments, nail stickers and some other nail art gubbins :) She just told me she's going to watch a nail art DVD tomorrow too! I just explained Konad plates to her and she sounds excited....

Is it wrong to wish your mother's going to be a nail art addict so you can steal her pretty polishes and konad plates? Probably!

Is your mum addicted to anything beauty-wise?


  1. My mothers loves cosmetics, brandnew cream and those stuff!
    It's nice to share this with her XD

  2. Definetly not, lol. That's the perk of being the daughter. :)

  3. Yesss!!! I turned my mom into a make up addict! she loves MAC ;-)

  4. @ Liloo, that's so awesome! I wish I had somebody to get excited over new products with!

    @ Darling Girl, haha, thanks, I feel less evil now :P

    @ Sue, omg, that's awesome! My Mum owns nothing make-up wise worth over £5. I did buy her an Estee Lauder foundation which she loved, but went back to her £3.50 alternative :/

  5. Awesome :D My mum isn't addicted to make up or anything related to beauty.. She doesn't wear make up but only in winters when she occasionally goes out with dad.. No nail polishes or anything :/
    would be great if she was make up addicted, would be great to steal/borrow her products :DD

  6. ha i love it!!! ur soooo funny! following u now hunni :D xoxo

  7. Haha, I don't think so! My mum isn't really addicted but she does have a very wide selection of mascaras so if I ever need to try a new one out, I'll just root through her stash first and then buy it if I like it on me haha ;)

  8. @ Jonna, you should start painting her nails for her! It's so easy to get hooked on polish :P

    @ Tuttibeauty, thanks!

    @ Nats, that sounds like a mum's collection is almost all Avon, I rarely borrow anything haha.


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