Hi-Fi Cosmetics Look

World's lamest post title? I think so. Aside from that, though, today I did a look using some Hi-Fi goodness...

The Hi-Fi shades I used were....

'Burn all the Empires' (inner lid), which leaves me 50% awe-struck, 50% 'WHAT ARE YOU?!' but 100% in love. Seriously. It's like an....orange toned coppery pink. But in the bag it looks pure orange and totally copper/ pink free...It reminds me a little of MAC 'Pink Bronze', but 1000x more wearable and....well, not bronze.

'Mind Manipulator' (outer lid), an bright, super pigmented, hot golden orange with a really rich base. If you're thinking this looks a bit like Fyrinnae's 'Chlorophyll', you'd be much mistaken. It is so much brighter, richer, redder and has better pigmentation.

'Paranoid' (over Yaby black, crease), Hi-Fi describe this as, 'an insanely intense black with so much sparkle, it will seriously blow your mind!!!' . I'd describe it as, 'a fairly sheer black - almost charcoal with fine glitter flecks which you can't really see once applied.' Doesn't sound as impressive now though, right? Definitely one you can miss, unless you don't mind having to use mixing medium with it.

I'm so impressed with the shades I received that instead of ordering from the handful of indie cosmetics companies I've returned to over and over, I'll be skipping over to Hi-Fi and indulging in some truly fabulous new shades :)


  1. that orangey coppery color is gorgeous!

  2. love it, this is gorgeous :)

  3. This is so so pretty! I'm lovin that inner lid color!!!


  4. I like it :) super pretty <3


  5. Never heard of Hi-Fi cosmetics before, but I love your look, fab colours

  6. I love the lid color ;-)

  7. This look is absolutely gorgeous!


  8. Love this look on you! I didn't know you had a blogger page yay! I'm glad I found it since I love your specktra FOTD's! :)


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