FOTD - Gimme a cocktail!

This combo always reminds me of cocktails, even though my cocktails of choice are Sailor Jerry's Mojitos (green) and June Bugs (orange), but shhh...

Today I felt like going BRIGHT because the last month has been rammed with family events, for which I prefer to go neutral. That's partly why I haven't updated my youtube channel as much as I'd like to! Hopefully everything will simmer down soon so I can sit down, have a few make-up experiments and record something :)

5acc4d2f.jpg picture by dysphoria_p


[[ EYES ]]
UDPP, MUFE 92, Ben Nye 'Soleil Red', Hair Enigma 'Sunshine', Yaby yellow, white and black, Too Faced 'Cream', Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird', Kryolan white eyeliner, Kryolan black liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Volume Express mascara

[[ FACE ]]
Revlon Photoready and Kryolan foundation, Natural Collection green corrector stick, Rimmel Stay Matte concealer, Kryolan powder, Ben Nye 'Natural Pink' and 'Natural' blush, Sleek Universal powder

[[ LIPS ]]
MUA Shade 3, Fyrinnae Shangri-la lip lustre

I'm in need of an MUFE 92 dupe which isn't chalky/ a pain to work with - most likely Sugar Pill's 'Poison Plum' (I think it's called)....Amy agreed that it's a very close match indeed. Any excuse to get that 'Burning Heart' palette!

Any colour combos/ random look requests?


  1. gorgeous look, love it!
    This is one of my favorite combo :)
    it reminds me the first time I made a colourful makeup XD

  2. love this! I've done this color combo in the past and you can't go wrong with it. It's so bright and fun!

  3. Really like those colours together on you!

  4. Gorgeous colour combo! Love it x

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  6. @ Liloo, the colours look like that in your icon :D

    @ Sue, definitely a fool proof combo :)

    @ Giddy Princess, thanks!

    @ Jonna, you should try it out, your eyershadow always looks pretty :)

    @ Eri,thank you

  7. Thanks :) I think I'm going to try it out .. :D x

  8. This is so so pretty!! I wonder if it would work on me

  9. @ Angel, this combo looks AMAZING on WOC, definitely try it out. Plus, thankyou so much for your blog! I haven't got 'true' afro hair (I'm 1/4 African) but I'm always battling it as if it was :/ Someday I may have the confidence to go natural, but for now straighteners and relaxers are far too appealing.

    @ ModestyBrown, thanks!


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