A question of nails...

There seems to be a nail loving army of bloggers out there and already I'm feeling my non-existent money slipping through my fingers. Admittedly, I've been bobbing in and out of the online make-up community for years, but this nail stuff is all new to me and I'm sensing a fresh addiction....

I'll confess, I've never really cared for my nails. Never rubbed oil into them, done strengthening treatments, or even had a professional manicure. I think this is mainly because I've always had my hands in clay, paint, hair dye, pastels, cap plastic, acetone, food dyes, food mixes etc and so even when I do wear varnish, it gets discoloured/ chipped/ obliterated pretty quickly.

I just found www.beautyexpress.co.uk, who sell Seche, Essie, Mavala and Orly pretty damn cheap. Already eyeing up the thinners (Collection 2000 - love the colours, thick as custard though) and the Mavadry spray (purely because I've never seen a drying spray before). Plus those 'nearly black but not quite' colours always appeal to me....Time to indulge in some nail therapy? I think so!

Are there any nail blogs you love? Leave a link!


  1. Don´t miss these two:
    But don´t blame me afterwards, if they make you lemming ;-)

  2. http://littlemusicboxes.blogspot.com/

    Not the best known nail blogs, but two of my favorites!

  3. Haha, I will blam you personally, IPaintMyWorld! I think Scrangie is going to have a bad effect on my bank balance. Thanks!

    Thanks Danielle!


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