The perfect gift for Father's day?

Sunday is Father's day here in the UK and every year I'm stuck with what to buy. I'm tired of shops and adverts telling me that my dad would just love a shaving kit, men's anti-ageing creams, ties and leather wallets. He wouldn't. Whenever I ask what he wants I get very practical answers, 'A letter opener.', 'A circular saw.', 'Drill bits.'....

So, if your Dad's anything like mine, one thing never fails - beer, especially now that the world cup is on! I mean nice beers, with funky labels and names that make you think of Finnish metal bands.

(Ok, so maybe Fursty Ferret is more folk that metal but shhhh).

I've found that supermarkets are on the ball these days, stocking beer from local brewers. Then again, my town has a loooong history of brewing beer, so perhaps we're just lucky? I managed to get 9 different types all from independent UK breweries, but there were looooads more available. Anyway, all you have to do is put it in a box wrapped in manly paper and there you have it! Fathers' day sorted.

(P.S) Morrisons has the best choice, check them out :)


  1. Morrison's really does have the best choice- in cider as well... I got Brother's toffee apple cider from there in the run up to Guy Fawke's... It was nommy! They also have Swedish ciders that are really good, but I've forgotten the name. Anyway, they're quite often on for £1, and that makes for a happy student ;)

    My dad doesn't like any of the things they tell you to get either. He does, however, like books.

  2. Aye, they do, the Swedish ones are Kopparberg (a-ma-zing) and Rekorderlig. Toffee apple cider? Haha, that sounds both disgusting and brilliant all at once. Why do parents have to be the hardest people to buy for?


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