Oh, coral

what is it about you that I don't like? I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe I'm tiring of you taking over every make-up line each Spring/ Summer. Maybe it's just because I don't like you as a colour - I'm sorry.

Anyway, I did a coral-ish look today using Hi-Fi Cosmetics 'Burn the Empires', which is like a love child of MAC 'Melon' and MAC 'Pink Bronze'. It's. Just. So. Beautiful. However, I used it lightly so you can't really tell just how 'OMFGGETINMYMAKEUPDRAWER' it is, but I'll swatch it soon so you can bathe in its glory....

I'm also testing out Hi-Fi Cosmetics eye primer - I wonder if it is similar to Fyrinnae 'Pixie Epoxy'? For whatever reason, 'Burn the Empires' has photographed as a bronze brown - which it is not *shakes fist* But either way, you get the gist.

How much coral is in your make-up/ nail collection? Favourites? Ideas to make me love it?


  1. Um...I have hardly any coral at all because I feel the same as you. Don't know what it is but coral just seems wrong for me. Using it with other colours I really like makes it easier. :-)

  2. I Don't have a lot of it.. But I love it on other people haha

  3. I hate coral. It's a warm-toned pink, therefore I can't wear it as it would look totally bizarre on me, and like you say it is everywhere during springs and summers. Taunting me.


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