Cheap matte top coat

I've found a GREAT alternative to Essies 'Matte about You' top coat, which seems to retail at about £8. I know that China Glaze, OPI and a bunch of other brands are selling them for a similar price too.

However, at Claire's, you can pick up a matte top coat for a bargain price of £2.25! I'm very impressed, too - FAST drying, great formula and my polish stayed in place for 5 days before any tip wear began to show. That's what I would have expected from an £8 polish, not one costing less that £5!

I mattified the black and added glitter red stripes over the top, you should see the state of my right hand....

Anyway, I whole heartedly recommend this, you'll find it where the base coats, nail treatments and french manicure polishes are in Claire's. It has a black card tag around the lid, which makes it easier to spot :)


  1. Awesome! Love how you combined so matte black and glitter red :) x

  2. that looks stunning, been lookoing for a more affordable matte top coat you are a hero!


  3. I've never really thought much of matte polishes, but this look super amazing against the shimmery/shiny red stripes. STUNNING.

  4. love the nails, they look great

  5. This is beautiful! Like a vamp-ish theme, but amazing anyways!!!


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